Create A Relaxed Bedroom

Creating a Relaxed & Comforting Bedroom
Close your eyes and imagine the most comforting bedroom you can think of. Imagine a pile of fluffy pillows, a lofty down comforter, and stream of natural light warming the room, soft colors, patterns, blond wood floors, white sheer draperies swaying in the breeze. If this is the kind of bedroom you think about, the relaxed-style bedroom is for you.

The relaxed-style bedroom is made for sunny afternoon naps and leisure weekend mornings spent reading in bed. It is soft, nurturing and peaceful. The relaxed bedroom is perfectly suited for beachfront cottages or a cabin in the woods.

The relaxed bedroom is a celebration of simple and honest detail. All the senses are nurtured with the freshness and calmness of the room. Every element must be chosen for its ability to bring visual and emotional serenity to the space.

The floors should be soft underfoot with polished wood, scattered rugs, or natural sisal. The walls padded in sun-washed colors, may be covered with painted paneling, floral or striped papers, or satin-finished paint. Cool and tranquil, blue and white are classic color companions in a relaxed bedroom. A splash of bright sunny yellow or spring green brings warmth to the space and adds a touch of cheer.

The bed should be grand and impressive or low and understated. In either case, it is the linens that cover it and set the tone for the room. Buy quilted cotton, soft linen, and warm woolen blankets mixed and matched with downy pillows and cushy bolsters.

Windows welcome the outdoors in and when necessary, soft sheers, natural blinds, or painted shutters can provide privacy. Softly shaded lamps help illuminate the area with a peaceful glow. There are no fads or fashion criteria to the relaxed bedroom, only time that caresses with the ease and blissfulness of its style.


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