Create A Modern Bedroom

Creating Your Modern-Sophisticated Bedroom
For some people, the clean lines and uncluttered simplicity of the modern bedroom create a sanctuary that cannot be beaten. It is peaceful in its purity, refreshing in its refinement. Clutter is not welcome here.

Floors set the stage with cool concrete, light-tones polished woods, or structures carpets. The rule is sleek and spare. Walls become canvases of bold or demure colors and play host to expanses of glass, translucent doors, focused art, and architectural attributes.
The bed is often the modern-styled suite’s focal point and, therefore, its style is very significant. Bedding should be tailored and simple. A sleigh bed of stainless steel, a cushioned armchair fashioned from stone will give a modern accent to your bedroom.
Furniture is selected to heighten the room’s style. The importance of its design is only equaled by the function it serves. Window treatments, when necessary, are minimal and restrained; so are accessories. Bold statements of art, sculpture, and ingenious light fixtures are often the most fitting ways to accent the room while keeping it pristine and clean.

The trick is to remain focused on the simplicity and clarity of the space while being imaginative in its design details. Sophisticated bedroom welcomes you with a sense of elegance, a simple rich ambiance.

Mutes tones unify the elements of room surfaces, furnishings, and accents. The key to creating a sophisticated bedroom is simplicity. Soft natural shades of taupe, ivory, gray and brown most successfully accomplish this. A juxtaposition of materials flavors the room with a mix of rough and refined; linen plays against polished wood, glass pairs with chiseled stone, and velvet teams with marble. Use texture rather than patterns to bring pampered rhythm and motion to the space. Lines of the furnishing should be round, keep them cleaned and uncluttered. A monochromatic color scheme on floors, walls, and ceilings, creates the ideal background.

Assorted woods may be paired; fabric and leathers of same tones should be combined. The interplay of tones and textures, rather than multiple colors and bold patterns, shapes the room’s visual interest. Tailored window treatments are understated. Simple details like vases, pillows, lamps, candles, rug, art, and beautiful throws finish the room brilliantly.

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