About Us

Patterson is the Blogger for three different sites …
Global One Lifestyles, (globalonelifestyles.com) Fashion, Travel, & Spas.
Good Morning Divas ( goodmorningdivas.com) Food, Drinks, Cuisine & Health. The Food Diva (thefooddiva.com)  Food, Recipes)

I cover consumer products in the United States, based from Texas area. She likes to receive “individual pitches or press releases that relate to Fashion, Travel, Food, Drinks, Cuisine, Hotel, Resorts and Spas. These are the focus of my magazine and our writers are dedicated to making sure we get the job done.

When someone is pitching a product, I like for them to be direct/clear in what they are looking for and/or what they are offering.” Her advice for PR professionals is to do your homework; a tailored pitch that addresses her by name and demonstrates you have looked at her site or social channels will catch her attention. Additionally, she advises “I cannot stand when [PR professionals get my name wrong or when you can see that they are using a prepopulated pitch and the name doesn’t fill in.

I also don’t like when someone pitches me, I respond and then they are rude/ blow you off. You contacted me first.”

The blog offers a Holiday Gift Guide with a deadline of November 15. She says “Great gifts under $50 are key for me. I do a huge 50 under $50 gift guide and am always looking for interesting, unique gifts for the entire family at this price point.”

She uses social media for leads and story ideas, but email is the best way to reach her. She explains, “I don’t mind being contacted but I immediately ask them to contact me by email since I have a much harder time keeping track of follow-up via social media.”

BLOGGER:  Topics: Food, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle. 8b62a1fd587fefcad1fc529506db56b885357212ea0a77ad41

Career: Book Publisher, Published Author, Freelancer

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