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For more than a half century, Ella Patterson’s signature blend of comfort, style and sensuality has been a source of inspiration in homes of her family, friends and co-workers. Now in homes across America Ella will share her pampering secrets to help you create sensual atmospheres, luxurious, refreshing spaces that are as beautiful as they are practical and as distinctive as the rest of your home.

This essential blog offers imaginative design, decorating tips and pampering pleasures any woman can call her own. The ideas offered are easy ideas exclusively for the sensuous woman.

In Pampering Pleasures, chapters devoted to everything from setting the stage for pampering, why pampering is needed, indulging in me-time rituals, pampering principles and how you can create a place you can call your space. From strengthening your senses, stocking your pampering pantry, essential oils, pampering your partner, restorative rituals for your mind, body, and spirit to guiding you along as you host a girl’s night in pamper party. You’ll discover ways to enjoy retreats away from home to creating an environment at home that’s full of nurturing and ambience. Tours that help you create your sensual bedroom and over 150 ‘Me Time’ Rituals that help you become the Diva you were meant to be.

Included are several types of spas that pamper so you’ll always get it right when you need to get away from it all. Quick reference guides throughout the blog that will make it easy to choose ideas to apply to your own home. With friendly, straight forward advice and hundreds of ideas, Pampering Pleasures is the definite source blog for ‘me-time-rituals.

Word of Advice
Enjoy this blog and its benefits. Open your mind and begin to explore the contents of this blog and you will not only enjoy what you read, you’ll gain new knowledge as you began to understand the real message. I’m hoping this blog will be a wonderful luxury for you. Having it in your possession should already make you feel special.

Embrace This Information
In order to embrace yourself fully you have to first, give yourself permission to move forward with these personal pleasures. Embrace this information by learning how to put it to good use. This will help you make positive adjustments in your life.
At times, I will share principle information and explain it in detail – other times I will share small tips and techniques that make a huge difference in your life. You’ll come to understand why it’s so important to indulge and have fabulous ‘me-time’, and as you do you’ll discover who you are and what you like. As you begin to renew your mind and spirit you’ll notice a wonderful transformation that allows you to reap the benefits in love and life.

There’s more to life than having everything.

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