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GLOBAL ONE is where journalist come for freedom to write about  Lifestyles · Travel · Destinations · Foods · Drinks · Culture · Automotive · Innovation · Wellness · Health · Home · Style · Fashion · Trends.
The Global One corporate headquarters are in Desoto, Texas. Global One  occupies a special place in the hearts of journalists, It is not just a magazine but a trusted confidante, a brand that has revolutionized the online magazine industry and has become a cultural institution in the community.
Founded in 1996, Global One Communications Inc. (GOC) launched the ground-breaking magazine created exclusively for women in 1996. For 24 years, Global One has flourished and expanded beyond the pages of its flagship magazine to generate brand extensions such as the Global One Books, Global One Publishing,  Good Morning divas, Ella Food and Drinks and Women In Motion, Inc.
GLOBAL ONE  is the premiere lifestyle, fashion, travel, automotive, food, beverages, drinks, products, spas, hotels, resorts and theater magazine for consumers. With its motivating message, intimate girlfriend-to-girlfriend tone, compelling and engaging editorial lineup and vibrant and modern design.
GLOBAL ONE  is the definitive voice of today’s dynamic women that speaks directly to a woman’s spirit, her heart and her unique concerns.
Every month women rely on Global One Magazine for great editorial content designed to help them move their lives forward personally, professionally, intellectually and spiritually. We Love cover topics that focus on career and finance, health and lifestyle, and fashion and beauty and share an intimate connection with readers.
The first issue of GLOBAL ONE E hit the newsstands in May 1996, with a circulation of 10,000. is  an extension of your life.  It is an expansive web destination aimed to be the ultimate online destination for journalist who love to write about their experiences. serves as the daily source for product-related news, entertainment and community, and reflects the intimate tone and approach of the esteemed Global One Magazine brand. As part of its daily content offerings, Global One Magazine promises to deliver fair, competent and up to date content.

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