Charcuterie Snack Board

I’m all about a board. You know this. It’s who I am at the core. I want all my friends over all the time. I want there to be plenty of food. And I want it on a big giant board so everyone can congregate around at all times and DIY their own adventure. It’s my favorite way to entertain and it’s never going to change.

This summer I’m taking a page from Delallo and adding in caperberries, roasted red pepper bruschetta, grilled artichokes, prosciutto, salami, sausage, olives, you name it. Delallo literally has everything you could ever need to put on a snack board. Mix and match your favorite things and away you go. If you want to add a few of your favorite cheeses from your local deli… I’m all about it! And if you want to add even more fruit and/or dried fruit, have at it! Now that my book tour is over, I’m 100% diving head first into entertaining and you’re looking at exactly what I plan on doing for the next 2 months!

Sliced Toasted Crostini
3-4 kinds of your favorite cheeses
Assorted Fresh Fruit
Assorted Dried Fruit
Assorted Crackers
1 jar Caperberries
1 jar Roasted Pepper Bruschetta
1 jar Grilled Artichoke Halves
1 jar Castelvetrano Olives
1 pack Prosciutto
1 pack Salami
1 pack Calabrese
1 jar calamata olives
1 jar eggplant caponata

Arrange everything on a large platter and serve immediately

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