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To My Readers …

I WANT TO THANK AND ACKNOWLEDGE my supportive readers for enjoying and indulging in Global One Magazine. I cannot believe it’s been nearly a year.  I hope the magazine has brought about a sense of peace, joy, and a series of beautiful journey’s, even if only a few minutes. Indulging in cozy places and things that bring calmness is the objective of every month’s issue. Finding your favorite place to settle at home can be included and can offer a few magical and peaceful moments in time.

Ever have one of those days where you need a little more inspiration than normal. Have you ever felt like you are feeling more stuck than unstuck?  Do you sometimes feel more in over your head than your head is above water? Sometimes it’s not even the task itself that is overwhelming, it’s just the thought of getting started that makes you want to crawl back into bed and sleep until tomorrow. Although I think it’s okay to have a day where you “just can’t” – sometimes all you really need is a tiny push in the right direction. Finding a space or a place that you can unwind is key; and Lord knows if there’s one thing, we all need from time to time is a place to escape and relax.

Unfortunately for many of us finding a good place to escape means escaping mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, or even socially. Maybe you indulge in small local get-a-way’s. Maybe you enjoy listening to music in a cozy place or while on a quiet drive. Then maybe someone else you know enjoys redecorating their home or meditating as a way to relax. Whatever kind of escape you choose to indulge in, it’s important to nurture your mind, body, and spirit by giving yourself an outlet that’s outside of the norm or a simple break from the normal routine. For me right now it’s yoga and meditating in a quiet and undisturbed environment. It’s how I find my version of balance and peacefulness.

Whether you’re facing a full week of days in the office, an at-home organizing project, or running errands that you’ve been putting off, here are some fruitful yet creative ways to stay inspired, motivated, and productive.

For this issue, we wanted to put together an arsenal of photos, stories, methods, and tools that can help you discover your very own escape. I love that you can find joy and peace in something as simple as a clean home, a cozy room, a taste of good food, a soothing drive along a winding quiet road, or closing yourself in to regroup and recharge so that you will like your life.    As always, I send you support for peace within. Keep your head to the sky and move forward. Enjoy your life.

With love and gratitude, Ella

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