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Ella Patterson, Publisher

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Our mission is to promote quality and accuracy of lifestyle and consumer product reviews by way of journalism and to disseminate information about travel, automotive, restaurants, beverages, hotels, resorts and consumer products through news-related print, online and broadcast media.

On behalf of its Journalist, Manufacturer and Consumers, Global One strives to create channels between companies and individuals within the industry who might not have otherwise connected, thus empowering the individual consumer while promoting reader, viewer and listener awareness of the retail industry.

We are unwavering on our goal to improve the lives of women by providing the best travel and lifestyle reviews available. With personal stories, expert tips and on hands reviewers, Global One Magazine strives to deliver valuable insight on destinations, family issues, travel, food, consumer products, health and fitness. Add a dash of humor, celebrity and foodie reporting and that’s our publication: the premier women’s magazine dedicated to celebrating the adventurous side of a woman’s life.

Regular Features Include:
Journalist reviews from international and domestic destinations, travel secrets, automotive, restaurants, beverages, hotels, resorts, consumer products, financial advice, health & beauty tips, destination getaways, cuisine, and as always Global One Magazine gourmet.  That’s the stuff we love.

– Ella Patterson
President / CEO / Journalist
Destination, Travel Secrets, Automotive, Restaurants, Drinks, Hotels, Resorts, Consumer Products,  Cuisine
Phone: (972) 854-1824

– Alan Gell
Broadcast Media Reviewer
Phone: (972) 854-1824

– Felicia Brown
Cuisine / Food and Drink Reviewer
(972) 854-1824

– Aubrey Clifton
Automotive Reviewer
Phone: (972) 854-1824

– Leland Gray
X-Generation and Tech Products
Phone: (972) 223-1558

– Lorenzo Vigil
Adventure Journalist
Phone: (972) 854-1824

– Betty Artis
Health & Detox Specialist
Phone: (972) 854-1824

– Alleyia Strain
Teen Reporter
Phone: (972) 854-1824

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