About Us

Content Creator and Product Service Blogger for three sites …
1. Good Morning Divas (Health, Drinks, & Cuisine)

2. Global One Lifestyles (Fashion, Travel, & Spas)

3. The Food Diva (Food, & Recipes)

Ella is a content creator who engages new and existing customers on the brand’s behalf. Ella promotes multiple consumer lifestyle products representing companies across the United States. Based in Texas,

Ella reviews, and creates relevant pitches or press releases that relate to fashion, travel, food, drinks, and cuisine. The focus of Ella’s Instagram, magazine and blogs is primarily content that is dedicated to reaching 30 through 65 year old working women, who live in USA cities, and often use Instagram first thing in the morning and prefer “lifestyle, fashion, travel, food, drinks, and cuisine content”.

We use the social media for leads and story ideas. Email is the best way to reach us. We don’t mind being contacted, but I immediately ask to contact me by email since we have a much harder time keeping track of follow-up via social media.”

BLOGGER:  Content Creator: Lifestyle, fashion, travel, food, drinks, cuisine, auto

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Content Creator. Educator. Publisher. Author. Journalist. Business Woman

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