Administer Pampering

by Ella Patterson, Author of Pampering Pleasures

With Pampering Pleasures most any woman can feel good about herself. It’s rare to find a blog such as this one – one that provides quality advice on how to administer pampering and wonderful stress-free indulgences.

Each of these blogs will help you recapture the joy of life’s simple pleasures, but before we get too deep into how good pampering feels, let’s first discuss why any woman would need pampering pleasures and why this information is important to women.

This Is a Girlfriend Blog
Here’s your invitation to become immersed in simple indulgences of pampering pleasures. I pray that along the way this blog will help you adopt a wholesome and healthy attitude toward your own needs.

While many of the pampering tips in this blog are obvious to some they are quite absent to others. I suggest you keep these treats in mind when striving for self-love, renewal and healing. It is my experience that these pampering treats will add years to any woman’s life; which makes them well worth knowing. Because this is a very personal blog for women, I suggest women keep it in their pampering pantry – near their pampering supplies.

This is a blog you must do! It is a ‘self-help’ kind of blog. It’s filled with simple, easy-to-do techniques that will help you feel good inside and outside. Most importantly this blog will help any woman become the pampered woman she is meant to be. If you really indulge and make it a natural part of your life it will do many other great things for you too. It will help…
1. Raise your self-esteem and make you feel better.
2. Create important moments of self-love.
3. Enhance and enrich your life.
4. Improve your mental state.
5. Bring your inner Diva out.
6. Make you feel appreciated and special.
7. Empower you to refine and improve yourself.
8. Create commitment to your spiritual wholeness.
9. Turn on your inner light and recharge your inner battery.
10. Enhance your inner and outer beauty.

Knowing how much this blog will help you should ease some of your worries and concerns about why you need a blog like this. You should also know that this is a purpose driven blog that can motivate even the most doubtful woman.

To Help You Follow This Blog
Here are some helpful tips on how to enjoy the wonderful pampering pleasures of this blog. As you read – here’s what I suggest: try one or more of the pampering selections each day. If you want, you can read this blog in its entirety before trying any of the treats. If you find something particularly delicious and you don’t have enough time to indulge in it; try another treat; something that requires shorter time – then come back to the longer indulgences at a later time. To start your very own personal pampering regiment let’s get started.

RELAX:  Find your special place; somewhere quiet, stress free, and comfortable, so that you can read this blog uninterrupted. Give yourself a few moments to relax completely before you begin reading. Take a deep breath, get comfortable and clear your mind.

READ: Read each insight carefully and concentrate without feeling rushed or hurried. Get a full understanding, and then share the insights with a friend or your partner.

THINK: Spend a few moments to analyze and consider what you read. Repeat or paraphrase it out loud to yourself. Understand the importance of each pampering treat. Know that each insight can be personalized to fit your personal pampering need.

APPLY: Welcome each insight and put them into practice. Use them daily in your own life. Think of ways to strengthen your relationship with self and others as you use them.

This blog is your path to unconditional self-love, joy and personal satisfaction. The pampering pleasures in this blog will help you express outwardly the joy you feel inwardly.  You will get to experience and understand that self-love is your path to loving others and pampering is your path to pleasurable self-love.

If you love yourself and what you do, then you’ll never really lose.
~ Ellaism


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