Awaken Your Senses

In this ritual you’ll use your mind to arouse your appetite and you’ll begin to feel more sensually awakened. If you practiced Phase One as suggested, you should be able to move into this phase with ease.

What you’ll need: your mind, your body and your favorite lotion.
To help improve your senses, massage your favorite lotion onto your body with your eyes closed. Use the following exercises as a way to find mental pleasure in the smallest thing you do. These exercises are designed to help you coast into the pleasure center of your brain. Imagine …
 Slowly moisturizing your body while blindfolded. Moisturize every part of your body that you can reach. Don’t be shy or inhibited. Once you imagine the eroticism of it, you’ll be able to feel the pleasure of it.
 Massage your scalp or shampoo it in the shower with your eyes closed. Allow your happy feelings to kick in while you wash. Enjoy and love how you touch your own scalp.
 Take a bath with your partner sometimes. While doing so wrestle naked playfully. Continue the fun after stepping out of the tub or shower.
 Putting on some mellow music and dance slowly. Dance to the beat of the background music. Really feel your body move and understand how you are in control of each movement you make. Feel good and let your body continue to feel good too.
 Taking a shower in a darkened room with a small tea light candle. Enjoy the sensuality of your body and feel the presence of you in your own world… enjoying your moments.
 Wear a pair of satin boxers and notice how they feel against your body.
 Reading Pampering Pleasures to your lover – as erotically as you can.
 Giving and getting wonderful foot massages, and relaxing back rubs.
 Kissing your lover passionately every time you kiss.
 Giving full hugs every time you embrace your lover.
Ummmmm, imagine these wonderful pleasures as you learn how to awaken your senses.

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