Coffee in Dallas, Texas

It’s time I  wrote about coffee in Dallas. It’s time I indulged and celebrated just how far we’ve come in the last 5 years. Coffee has moved, becoming a sophisticated thing produced and consumed with a desire to find the best of the best.  I’ve seen many coffees show up, dressed with beautiful coffee machines. I must admit we’re a city of coffee drinking fanatics, aficionados, nerds.They’re as fervent about this as our baristas are about steaming temperatures, brewing methods, and the way barometric pressure and temperature shifts affect the nature of a pulled shot.

Coffee is nothing more than a caffeine movement, you say? I beg to differ.  Coffee drinkers and those who someday will become coffee drinkers  want you to know the real deal, the sourcing, roasting, brewing—and have an experience. They have a cool relationship with the coffee. Sometimes, I feel like I’m interrupting. But I’m glad to lay out coffee cake over the table while sipping a latte with its perfect amount of foam. I’ve  learned to love the nuances of the single-origin, small batch-roast from Guatemala’s Antigua Valley as a cortado or maybe I’ll just have a great espresso shot, to better taste those spice notes in the bean. It’s one of many variations you’ll find around town these days.


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