Create An Exotic Bedroom

by Ella Patterson

If you want a topical bedroom, all it takes are a venturesome spirit, a discerning eye, and imaginative details. Your bedroom can be a temporary escape from your daily routine as it transports you to some tropical island.

Choose a statement piece – a unique bed, distinctive piece of artwork or sculpture, or perhaps an exotic rug or fabric. You may choose a plantation style canopy bed, and then stylize it with bamboo flooring, grass-cloth wall coverings, and a large breezy ceiling fan. Use materials and colors indigenous – anything from cool seaside hues and bleached driftwood to spicy Mediterranean colors and chiseled stone.

Choose the accents and accessories, potted palms, tribal textiles, animal prints, and one-of-a-kind-lamps. Today the products and designs from around the world are more accessible, so creating an exotic bedroom is easy. All you need is a sense of adventure.
For example, African drums create unique nightstands and accent table. Asian temple doors make wonderful room separators and headboards. Beaded shawls and embroidered textiles fabricate fascinating pillows, draperies, and table runners. Tribal rugs make head-turning blankets. Liberally display pieces gathered from travels. Each item has the power to add significantly to the room’s uniqueness.

For example, the Moroccan theme flourishes with rich spicy colors, a harem of decorative pillows, and metallic accents throughout. Many cultures use unique carvings and woodwork to put their own signature of style on distinctive furnishings. Incorporating these pieces into your décor instantly imparts the flavor of the land from which it came.

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