Create A Passion Boudoir

by Ella Patterson

French women are famous for creating the sexiest bedrooms in the world, and like many French women, today’s homemakers often plan for sex and decorate creating evocative, enticing bedrooms. Here are a few suggestions for creating a Passion Boudoir.

Flattering colors contribute to personal beauty and are erotically appealing. Choose seductive colors like rouge red, lipstick reds, creamy peaches, and subtle pinks. Make sure the colors enhance your natural beauty. Be daring and use bold colors on the walls.
Luscious fabrics will set the stage for pampering times. Use silky, velvet, and chenille textures in combination with fluff textures. Use fabrics that remind you of a favorite-shared memory. Exotic patterns, such as animal prints or tropical florals, conjure images of faraway journeys.

Placing mirrors in unusual places, such as the tops of dressers or side tables, reflect dancing candlelight. Tropical plants and trees, uplit with special lights, also cast exciting shadows. An intimate bistro table, set with two chairs, invites private conversations.

Dressing tables, furnished with feminine accessories and intimate objects, add mystery and romance to a room. The presence of a bed tray suggests the possibility of the ultimate pleasure: breakfast in bed, while soft lighting, candles, essential oils in a diffuser, and gentle oscillating fans effectively complete the décor in a Passion Boudoir.

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