Create A Sensual Bedroom

Walk into your bedroom and run your hand across your bedspread and pillows. Do they feel soft and inviting? Is your bedroom the kind of bedroom that makes you feel sexy, sensuous and pampered?

If you have difficulty falling asleep, even little things such as the feel and texture of sheets can have a big effect on how easily you doze off. Because you will spend nearly one-third of your life asleep your bedroom should be your place to renew at the beginning and relax at the end of each day.

Make your bed by using cool cotton sheets during spring and autumn. Use crisp linen sheets in summer for a peaceful sleep. Cuddly flannel sheets and fluffy down comforters create a cozy refuge in the wintertime. Lay plush carpeting and comfortable slippers to coddle your bare feet.

A woman’s bedroom should be her temple of comfort, relaxation and intimacy. It should not be cluttered with items that have nothing to do with sleep or intimacy. Your bed should have a yummy feel as you cuddle or drift peacefully off to sleep.

Remove the dirty pile of laundry, put away the exercise gear, and hide the home computer. Bringing work and unnecessary items into the bedroom associates a woman’s bedroom with all kinds of negative emotions – stress, work and clutter, etc. This is negative anchoring.

Your bedroom is an expression of who you are. Compliment it with furnishings and beautiful items that show cleanliness, coziness, care and concern. Everything placed in the bedroom whispers hints of what kind of personality you have and what kind of woman you really are. Is your bedroom decorated in a way that nothing about you shows in your environment? Is your personal flavor depicted in your surroundings? Take a look around and see what your bedroom says about you. Is it?

 Cluttered
 Junky
 Dirty
 Messy
 Cold
 Drafty
 Insensitive
 Warm
 Inviting
 Conservative
 Imaginative
 Sensitive

Looking at your bedroom can others see that you are a person that’s …
 Family oriented
 Faithful
 Neat
 Junky
 Messy
 Uncaring
 Religious
 Romantic
 Pet lover

Is scenery important to you? Are you cold or hot? Are you romantic or conventional? Are you a pack rat? Are you romantic? Are you pampered?

Starting today try to set goals that will help your bedroom stay pure and true. You should know what your bedroom says about you and become more tuned in to your own needs.
Replace the brightly lit lamps with flickering candles. Replace the dirty linens with fresh and clean ones and replace old, tattered and torn rugs with rich carpet. Change old outdated curtains or blinds with sheer, or lined to update window treatments. Place a collection of your favorite scents where the computer once was. Place beauty and self-care magazines around the room too. Potpourri, flowers and bright colored vases and candles help add beautiful touches here and there.

Add a few inexpensive things or your lover’s favorite colors just to make him feel at home and welcome when he’s in your environment. If the relationship doesn’t work you can easily remove the items.

Over time, you and your lover will begin to associate good times, good smells and good things with your bedroom environment. If the pampered cues are powerful enough and the bedroom is free of negative anchors, you and your lover will experience an automatic and “positive trance” upon entering your bedroom.

Even if a woman lives in a small apartment or a home with limited space, she doesn’t have to go crazy trying to make the perfect room. She should be practical and do what she can.

Where Are First & Last Impression Made?
Bedrooms are meant for sleeping, reading, reflecting, romancing, intimacy, recharging your batteries, and escaping from the cares of the day. Give your bedroom serenity and turn it into a private sanctuary by adding details and treatments that are personal and chic.

The quality of sleeping you receive every day in your bedroom is very important for your happiness, health and productivity. To create your perfect bedroom, you must think about what you like to do in your bedroom and define a style that’s appropriate.
Consider your bedroom as a sacred retreat. It’s very important that your connection with every object in your bedroom elicits a positive and nurturing response.

A cozy, bedroom atmosphere invites complete rest and rejuvenation of your body, mind and spirit. Cleanse your bedroom of items that keep negative memories and associations alive, and you’ll find that it will become a place where you can embrace and revitalize your inner self.

The comfort and safety you feel in the world is directly connected to how safe and comfortable you feel in your home – bedrooms should be especially so.

Here is the place to plunge on fabrics that are sensual, including chenille, flannel, silk, cotton, satin, and velvet. Your view from the bed is very important, put a frame, a piece of art, a vase of flowers that inspire and makes you dream. The art in your bedroom makes a strong impact on your psyche too, so why not make it a positive one. Include sensual, serene or romantic images that calm and inspire you.

If you want to honor the five senses try focusing on creating a truly sensual environment. Whether single or coupled, your bedroom should be a place where all your senses are comforted and intimately celebrated. Light a scented candle, play music, and then relax. This is your oasis in which to celebrate the things you enjoy.


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