Who Is Ella

Why I Started Writing Books for Couples

For many years, men and women have told me some of the most fascinating things about myself, that I’m very sensuous, sexy, beautiful, exciting and intelligent. I’ve had men to approach me with one of the oddest requests of all: “Can I get to know you better?”
“Why?” I ask. “Because you appear to be an interesting person!”

Many men have begged me to be their woman. Yet, you’d never guess by looking at me because on most occasions I’m friendly, but very conservative. I’ve received marriage proposals from men as old as seventy and as young as eighteen. These men are as diverse as college athletes to television and radio personalities.

I have excellent posture, beautiful hazel eyes, flawlessly smooth skin, long beautiful legs, small feet, full luscious lips, and a pulsating tongue to accompany my snappy vaginal muscles.

Depending on the mood, I wear short tight skirts, low cut blouses, skimpy dresses and I go comfortably without panties or hosiery. I’m intelligent, witty, and have a personality that is wholesome somewhere within my bitch-like qualities.

Men and women come to me for advice and, out of curiosity, they want to know more. Through intelligence and observation, manipulation and concentration, you, too, can become a sensuous woman to the man of your choice.

Becoming a beautiful woman who men cater to is very difficult sometimes. We as women must give pampering and affection to get our rewards of the same. It’s been said that most men want a woman with:
~ more than beauty
~ more than brilliance
~ more than a clean home
~ more than being a mother for his children
~ more than fine gifts
~ more than a fashion conscious woman

He wants a multi-talented and sensuously mature woman. Sensuously mature women make men feel more loved and more cared for than they will ever be able to handle.
Women who cook, clean, speak well and are good mothers come a dime a dozen, but a sensuous woman, who can make her man feel like he’s the world, will be worth the world to him.

Any woman can open the doors of sensuality and sexual satisfaction if she opens up her mind and rids herself of the myths of “nice girls don’t do that” thinking. To explore, discover and accomplish the how-to’s of erotic pleasures that await you and your lover, began reading. Turning the page will open your eyes to why a book like this is needed and so important to all real women. Real women want to please their men in rich, rewarding and nurturing ways.

The real woman must take a stand and finally discover her own sensuality and sexual capabilities by taking all the necessary steps to please her man. He will, in return, take care of her needs, wants and desires.

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