Enjoy A City, Hotel/Urban Spa

City Hotel/Urban Spas are found in city hotels. Choose a City Hotel, also called Urban Spa, when you are traveling or wish to have a day spa experience with hotel amenities like a health club and a restaurant. Steam rooms, saunas, pools, exercise equipment, and fitness classes may also be offered. Located in metropolitan hotels, some of these spas are open only to hotel guests, while others are accessible to the general public.
A hotel with a spa attached. Includes any residential venue whose primary purpose is accommodation rather than well-being – hotels, resorts, all-inclusive holiday villages, country clubs and inns – and also offers spa facilities. You share the hotel with people and families who are on holiday or even on work trips, which means relaxing in robes is restricted to your bedroom and the spa area only.
However, there is more freedom in terms of how you spend your time – you don’t have to follow a program of activities and there is no restriction on smoking or drinking. By the same token, the staff to guest ratio is lower and there is usually no medical or health counseling service available. Hotel spas generally offer a good range of body and face treatments as well as a few studio classes per day, the quantity and choice of which varies between venues so check before you go. Holiday villages and resorts usually offer an unrivalled selection of sporting activities such as water sports, cycling, tennis and golf. Great for those who want to mix spa treatments with tourism, sports, entertainment or even work. It’s ideal for those who want to pamper themselves without leaving the outside world. If you need support from staff to get healthy, this isn’t the place for you. Also, you won’t find as much peace and quiet here and you’ll have to look presentable most of the time, as fellow residents won’t be in spa mode.

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