Enjoy A Health Spa

Health Spas are residential establishments wholly dedicated to the pursuit of health, beauty and well being in all its forms.

It includes traditional health farms, new age holistic retreats, medical clinics and natural spas based around a natural source of mineral, thermal or seawater.
This kind of spa is usually located in a peaceful or picturesque surrounding. The health spa is a retreat as much as a healthy venue. An informal, relaxed atmosphere prevails and you can expect to spend much of your day in a robe being cared for by highly trained therapists with a high staff to guest ratio.

All food will be healthy, if not calorie controlled, often offering organic, vegetarian or menus catering for special dietary requirements.

As well as a large range of face and body treatments, health spas offer a full timetable of consultations, activities, classes, talks and demonstrations. Many spas offer specific weeklong health program for a varied range of targets from detoxing and relaxation to weight loss and quitting smoking. Ideal for true relaxation, detox plans, specific well-being programs, life changes, spiritual retreats, medical help, rest and post-operative recuperation. There are usually no bar, children, smoking, mobile phones, or conference facilities. Most health spas would not suit people who don’t like staying in one place all the time.

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