Connoisseur Spas

Connoisseur Spas are the world’s crème de la crème. Choose a Connoisseur Spa if you wish to experience the very best the spa world has to offer. These spas have been specially selected for their extraordinary ambience, luxurious accommodations, high staff-to-guest ratio, exceptional spa services, outstanding cuisine, and awards for excellence. Imagine a two person massage, fresh rose petals in your bath, a personal servant to carry your towel, your own bathrobe and sandals to keep, breathtaking bedroom views, outstanding spa cuisine by a world-renown chef, five-star room service…imagine heaven on earth and you are imaging a deluxe spa. For a romantic break, honeymoon or once in a lifetime holiday. To be treated like the most important person in the world. This is the best one if you want try the latest of everything and to catch a glimpse of celebrities.

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