Experience ‘Me-Time’

by Ella patterson

In this blog you will experience many Me-Time Rituals that you can incorporate into your lifestyle of pampering.

Today you’re going to understand why spending small amounts of quality time on pampering are important to your inner pleasures.

At some point this week you need to schedule time to do something that you love while alone. Take a walk, have a long luxurious shower or bath, read a favorite blog, work on a scrapblog, eat your favorite dessert, complete a sewing project, or watch a movie. It does not matter what you do with your ‘me-time’ just as long as you take time to treat yourself special. It’s all about YOU!

A true diva loves her self and attends to her needs in more ways than one. She’ll spend at least an hour or more each day taking care of herself. Taking time to feel pampered, petted, stroked and cared for is easier than most people think.

When you finally start loving yourself, don’t worry; you are not being selfish; you deserve all of it! Listed below are over 150 pampering treats. Many women contributed to this chapter and gave their version of what ‘me-time’ means to them. As you read you’ll notice they are similar, yet very different in their approach and fulfillment. Read, enjoy and indulge in them in your own ways.

Become a Diva
1. Be a Diva for a day. Avoid any effort or stress. Stay in bed; take frequent naps, baths, and pampering moments. If you decide to get out of bed stay in your pajamas. Have food delivered, drink herbal tea and relax. Do only what you want and what you like during your Diva moments.

2. Create rituals that make you feel pampered and cared for. Stop to take in life’s wonderful beauty and the experiences that make your life more enjoyable. Indulge in the kind of rituals that make you feel like your life is worthwhile.

My friend Carol sets aside an hour each day to do something for herself. She gets out her best bath oils and takes a long soothing bath without interruption. Another friend, Marva, sips wine from time to time and relaxes by watching a movie.

Why not develop your own me-time rituals that will help you unwind or relax after a long day. What rituals can you develop for yourself?

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