Getting In a Good Mood

by Ella Patterson

Do you ever just have those moments when you feel nice, relaxed, and happy with your life? That’s how your ‘me-time rituals should make you feel. Here are a few suggestions that will quietly get you in a good mood:
 Watch a movie where people fall in love.
 Realize the feeling you felt when you fell in love.
 Sleep peacefully during a rainy day.
 Quietly fall asleep in the arms of your lover.
 Watch your lover sleep in the middle of the night.
 Remember the moment before and after intimacy.
 Everyday look in the mirror and see a beautiful woman.
 Spend time thinking of these things that made you laugh.
 Hear a classic song on the radio.
 Listen to favorite musical CD.
 Listen to your children’s laughter.
 Do your favorite things … things that make you happy.
 Reminisce about your best travel experience.
 Quietly eat your favorite foods.
 Buy that pair of new shoes you’ve always wanted.

And a hundred other creative things!

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