Improve Your Touch

Let’s begin by doing something very simple. Go to the secluded spot of your choice…it can be your special place, your lounge, or your bed. This skill will test your memory skills.

What you’ll need: a secluded space, different sized and different shaped hard objects of your choice.

Close your eyes and let your body go limp. Bring the different objects to your secluded place. Examples are: balls, fruit, cucumbers, carrots, bottles, soaps, and sponges.
Memorize these objects. Recall their size, shape, length, width and texture. Think of each and compare their differences. What are your likes and dislikes about these objects. You’ll be amazed and excited about how good your memory is.

For a week, practice on your memory skills to increase your awareness of shapes, sizes and textures. This also improves your ability to touch your partner in sensitive and more caring ways. You can change out the items each day and discover how they come to life in your hands as you touch, feel, and caress them.

Now, close your eyes and bring out your sensitive side with each touch. Get mentally lost in how each object feels. Notice their shapes, size, textures, grooves, etc. This will help you become better at visualizing things by touch, texture and size.

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