Indulge In Me-Time Rituals

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by Ella Patterson
Many years ago, I wrote myself a note that read, ‘Indulge more in the things I enjoy.’ It was a personal mission that I find ways to enjoy my life, pamper myself and seek lifestyle pleasures that made me happy on a daily basis. My only objective was to experience fun ways to indulge in the kinds of pampering pleasures that would make me feel good on my inside and outside. Of course during this revelation I was convinced that I needed to take more time for myself. I needed to pamper me. I needed to indulge.
We All Deserve To Indulge
We all deserve to pamper ourselves. We deserve to indulge in those kinds of things that make us feel special when we can take a few moments to ourselves where we won’t be bothered. My favorite me-time ritual is while soaking in a nice bubble bath. Here, I can feel free to enjoy a private glass of wine while resting my head on a bath pillow. Sometimes I like to soak quietly with a bunch of lit candles surrounding my tub while listening to my favorite music, and then there are times when I like to cuddle in my favorite chair with a girlfriend kind of blog while sipping my favorite cup of tea.
Every woman deserves the luxury of self-indulgence. I think we all need to indulge ourselves from time to time.
Most every woman who walks the tight rope of life feels pressured or either short on her personal time. We all know at least one woman who spends more time pampering her loved ones than she does herself. Take me; I use to be the last one to get pampered, the last one to get attention and the last one on my own pampering list.
Because of this I decided to do something positive about it. I gave myself wonderful moments of pampering treats that made me feel good about myself. I also decided that I could do it in a way that it wouldn’t feel selfish or neglectful to others.
It was time for me to feel special, so I went on a journey to find the best ‘me-time’ rituals that could happen for me every month, every week or maybe even every day without spending a lot of money.
We Have To Do It for Ourselves
As women; we have to understand that no one can really pamper us better than we can pamper ourselves and no one can treat us as good as we should treat ourselves. No one can as provide the personal self-indulgent luxuries in our daily regiment as we can for ourselves. It will only happen when we make it happen for ourselves. We are responsible for our own happiness and we can’t get caught up in thinking our pampering moments are someone else’s duties or problems. We not only neglect ourselves when we think this way, we also fail to bring happiness to our own lives.
Instead of waiting on your man to pamper you or your children to spoil you, why not do it for yourself? Don’t wait to be asked – just do it. Tell yourself that it’s okay to indulge in pampering. It’s okay to reward yourself for a job well done. Sometimes, it’s as simple as ordering caviar instead of tuna fish. You can do that can’t you?
It is thought of as your outward expression; your charisma, grace, class, and poise. When you have it, your eyes really are windows to the soul. When you have it your smile can put anyone at ease. You recognize the inner light. That light that the people who care about you already see and you open the channels for even more of that light to express itself. You possess the kind of radiance that can light up a room, light up your life and give you the kind of beauty that pampering pleasures will easily enhance.
Give Your Inner Spirit a Boost
Be realistic about what you feel is a pampered life. We all want great moments of luxury, indulgence and pampering. But don’t go overboard with your quest to be a pampered woman. Going out and making a lot of bills buying things that will make you feel pampered is a little ridiculous. The kind of pampering I’m talking about is those indulgences that give your inner spirit a boost.
I have a friend who’s on every television show that’s broadcasted. She’s a model and looks perfect all the time, but if you were to visit her home you’d ask yourself what tornado hit it? I have to laugh when I think about how much of a pack rat she is, but the public sees her as the Goddess of looks. Yes, she looks good and is a great friend, but her home is so unorganized and tacky that I shutter to think what’s buried under all that mess. Her home isn’t picture perfect even though she looks like she is.
The beauty of this story is she doesn’t even care. She doesn’t let it get her down. It probably bothers me more than it does her and her inner spirit is so high she doesn’t think twice about how much of a space junky she is. It only leaves me with one thing say, “To each her own.”
What Kind of Day Is It For You?
There will be days that you feel good and some days you will feel bad, but there will also be days when you need a little extra pampering in your life to feel loved and needed. There will be days when you want to feel more special than any other day. It might be the very day you decide to get a full body massage, or a new and different hair-do, or maybe it’s the day you’ll spend quiet time at home, pampering yourself from head to toe. What kind of day is it for you? Whatever kind of day it is will help you determine what kind of pampering you need to indulge in.
Find a Role Model
Find a woman that you consider your role model and study how she indulges in the luxuries of pampering. Is there any one thing she does that you want to happen for you? Does she display the assets of grace and assuredness? Is she stylish, have a signature look and seem to have life by the horns. If so, learn her tricks of the trade. Learn how you can indulge yourself in grand style while remaining on your budget. Copy her style without duplicating it. By this I mean take bits and pieces of what you like about her and then add your own personal attributes to create your own signature style.
Spend Quality Time Indulging
In Pampering Pleasures you will find page after page of inexpensive tips, treats and techniques to make your humdrum everyday life more indulgent, caring and worthwhile. Pampering pleasures are about you finding fun ways to spend quality time pampering and creating a private world of indulgence for yourself. This blog will give you simple ways to: feel good, look good and be good to yourself.
Always make the time, find the time and cherish the time you set aside for pampering. Don’t allow your pampering time to feel rushed or limited. Plan it out so the real benefits of pampering take you on a journey of enhanced pampering. This is your time to enrich your life. This is your time to do something nice for yourself. This is your time to slow down and enjoy life’s rewards.
Many of us who are otherwise intelligent, sensitive, passionate adults feel like complete idiots when it comes to pampering ourselves. We want to be pampered and healed, but we don’t quite know how to incorporate it in our daily lives. We think spending money, buying food and new clothes or material things is a great way to pamper ourselves, but it actually isn’t the best way to indulge.
We want pampering that feels good to our minds, bodies and souls. We want refreshing rituals that offer us a taste of the divine. The beauty of this blog is that it makes the secrets of pampering common knowledge. It offers women a manual for navigating the pampering process by using their very own pampering rituals.
I hope that you find small and big ways to indulge in pampering. I encourage you to try the upcoming soothing me-time rituals that make you feel special.
Innocent, Yet Pleasurable Treats
With pampering rituals at your fingertips, you can experience the fullness of living without wasting time or money. When you feel the need to recapture a lost dream, gain a fresh perspective, or experience a pleasure – these treats and retreats are great ways to create innocent escapes of your own. They’re great for your mind, body and spirit.
Starting today don’t simply stop and smell the roses, smell fresh air, roll in the leaves, take deep refreshing breathes, sing in the shower, walk in the rain, and by all means laugh out loud. Rediscover the simple indulges like going bare feet, listening to rain drops, taking a midday snooze, or hanging out with your best friend – sharing beautiful moments of pampering.
Pampering pleasures motivates us to be creative thinkers and positive problems solvers. They relax our bodies, and our souls. Pleasurable experiences have proven to be the most significant ingredient in a long, healthy effective life because they promote the release of endorphins and boost our immunity.
Laugh at the clouds, smile at the sun and wink at the moon.
Ella Patterson is a published author.
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Indulge In Me-Time Rituals

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