Water Infusion

Take To The Waters
The word spa comes from the Latin phrase salus per aquam, “health via water.” Hydrotherapy is the basis of European, kurs, mineral water-based treatments that incorporate hot and cold soaks, baths, steam, showers, and drinking of mineral water to help aid specific ailments. Create this experience in your bath to tap into the health benefits of water.

What you’ll need:
Sugar scrub, mineral bath salts and a towel.

Sugar Scrub:
Take a five-minute hot water shower to soften your skin. Turn off the shower, and using a handful of sugar scrub; gently rub it over your skin, beginning at your neck (avoid your face) and working down to your feet. Rinse off the sugar with warm water, then slowly decrease the temperature and stand in a cool spray for a minute or two, to prepare for a hot soak. Pat yourself dry.

Mineral Bath:
For centuries, Europeans have “taken the waters,” soaking in and drinking mineral water from local hot springs for their curative benefits. Even the water in the home bath can offer good benefits; simply fill the tub high enough to immerse your body completely. Add 1/2 cup of your favorite mineral bath salts to the water and mix them until they completely dissolve. Ease into the tub, lie back, close your eyes and rest for at least twenty minutes. Breathe slowly and deeply.

Resting Wrap:
A rest period is the most important step of a bathing ritual. During this time your parasympathetic nervous system works to restore your body. Spread a couple of heavy blankets over a chair (use a soft blanket on top since it will be in contact with your body). Remove your robe and lie on the blankets, wrapping them comfortably around your body. Rest while wrapped for twenty or thirty minutes.


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