Body Treatments

A body is a woman’s temple, but sometimes the way women treat their bodies is less than holy. Unhealthy habits or neglect can leave a woman in real need of purification. For centuries, mud has been used to detoxify the body and remineralize skin. Mud can help draw out impurities, smooth and clarify skin, restoring its purity.

Giving yourself a full body mud treatment is not always an option. With mudpacks you can reap the benefits of mud while using only what you need where you need it.

As far back as 120B.C., the Roman used mud as remedies to heal wounds. Today mud is used in European spas to aid conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism as well as for injuries such as pulled muscles. A mudpack is placed directly on the problem area, such as the knee, back elbow, or wrist. The heat combined with the chemical makeup of the mud can be powerfully effective.

What you’ll need:
Body mud, 6-8 large towels, body brush, nail brush, Olive oil or shea butter, detoxifying beverage or tonic.

Mud Warming:
When making mudpacks, you’ll need a thick body mud that does not run. With a spatula, scoop a cup of mud in a small heat conductive towel. Boil some water and fill a larger bowl with boiled water. Place the small bowl into the larger bowl of hot water to warm it; stir the mud occasionally as heats. If it’s easier you may also heat the mud in the bowl placed in a pan of hot water or in a double boiler in your stovetop.

Making the Mudpack:
Cut a piece of very porous cloth (heavy gauze or cheesecloth) into a 12 by 12 inch square and place the cloth on the table. When the mud is hot, remove it from the water; with a spatula, scoop all of the mud out of the bowl onto the center of the cloth and mound it so that it’s about an inch or two thick in the center. Fold each corner of the cloth in on top of the mud to form a pack.

Making Your Mudpack Mist:

In a misting bottle blend two cups of distilled water with five drops of Rosemary and five drops of orange essential oils (these help promote detoxification). Shake well and spray on mud until moist – when needed.

Mud Application:
This ritual is especially enjoyable outside on a warm day, but it can also be done in your bathroom – just be prepared for a little more clean up. Using your favorite body mud, cover your entire body. Include your face if you like, but be careful to avoid the eye and lip area. It is not necessary for the mud application to be thick.

Spot Treatments:
Position the mudpack directly on any area causing discomfort. Make sure to keep the folded layers of cloth on the top of the pack and the thin porous layer against your skin. Wind some plastic wraparound the affected area to retain the heat, and then cover it with a towel. Leave the packs wrapped for twenty to thirty minutes. The minerals, vitamins and plant substances found in some mud’s may be absorbed through the skins surface into the body clearing metabolic pathways, improving waste elimination, cell oxygenation, and nerve function and easing aching muscles.

Drying and Purifying:
When you have finished applying the mud, relax on the lounge or a bed covered with plenty of towels while the mud begins to dry (some of the mud will automatically rub off so cover the bed good). As the mud dries you’ll feel your skin tightening. Many mud’s help draw out impurities and toxins and temporarily tone your skin. After 15 minutes refresh the mud mask with a body mist. It tends to feel more comfortable if kept moist, so spray it as needed.

Warm Rinsing:
When the mud has dried again (about 15 minutes after misting) rinse off in a warm shower. Simply use your hands or a washcloth to wipe away the mud. It may take a few minutes to remove it all (you may want to use a nail brush to help clean your hands and feet). Do not use any soap or cleaners. They wash away beneficial trace minerals that are there to help restore the skin.

Emollient Moisturizing:
Once you have rinsed away all the mud, pat yourself dry. Using a rich body butter containing an intensive emollient such as olive oil or shea butter. Spread the butter evenly over the body and rub it in. (Do not use the product on your face, it may be too rich). Enjoy a detoxifying beverage or tonic to further cleanse your system.

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