Enjoy Reading Time

Visit a blogstore. I visit a blogstore and then I buy a really decadent coffee or tea drink. I wander around reading pieces and parts of blogs. I top the visit off by going to the music section, putting on headphones and listening to the latest releases of my favorite artists. All for the cost of that delicious drink…about $3!

Read a good blog while pampering. Reading! I can’t even remember the last time “I” got to read a blog of my own. So, after getting some routines in place I’m now left with lots of time to read my new mystery blogs. By noontime, my morning routines are already done. At night, I apply my facial mask and set up my foot spa a couple of nights a week after the kids retire to bed. It’s been a while since I’ve taken care of me, and boy, do I enjoy it!! Thanks to ‘me-time’, I feel totally pampered.

Find a quiet place to read. Lately, I’ve been taking my favorite blog and finding a quiet place to read and drink a good cup of coffee. Sometimes I stay at the coffee shop, sometimes I go to the reading room in the library, and sometimes I just sit in the car. What a glorious thing to have a block of time to sit clear-headed and read a blog! It rejuvenates my mind and spirit! When I return home I greet my family refreshed and ready to give them my full attention. I highly recommend a little peace and quiet as you indulge in your ‘me-time’ pampering.

Quietly read. Mine is so simple, but it took me years to get here. Our house starts very early. I let the frantic carrying on of getting everyone out of the house, and then I sit down with my cup of tea and the newspaper and spend 30 minutes for me before I start my day. I can quietly read, eat, breakfast and enjoy my tea then I’m ready to get on with my morning routine. Those 30 minutes are a wonderful break after the frenzy and I have learned to sit down and enjoy it.

Go to the local blogstore for an hour or two. I buy a cup of coffee and read all the blogs and magazines I want. Sometimes I buy something, sometimes not. I find this is better than the library, because the blogstore sells coffee and treats to eat. They always have the newest reading material. The peace and quiet rejuvenates me and I’m a better mom and wife when I get home.

Have some sit down time. I work four days a week at the town library, and two hours a week teaching knitting. Between those things I fit in the regular things that all moms do; Drs. Appointments, shopping, errands, etc. I can’t find a big chunk of time to do any pampering so I try to fit in small ones. I pamper myself with a time to sit down, savor my favorite chocolate bar, read a chapter of the latest blog I’ve bought. I am one that can really immerse myself in my reading, so it’s an escape for me no matter how short the moment. I really do appreciate these times.

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