Set the Pampering Stage

Before you read further into Pampering Pleasures there’s one more thing you should do. Release any feelings of anxiety you’re having because of life’s pressures and give yourself permission to feel good about your new journey. Relax your mind, body and spirit; because this is not the time to think about any of your problems or disappointments.

Learn the most positive ways to put yourself first. This is your time – time for self-indulgence and feel good moments. Lift your chin, raise your head to the heavens and let’s take a journey toward improvement.

With all the responsibilities women have it’s a wonder there’s time to apply any kind of pampering. You probably lead a very hectic life … always on the move trying to meet deadlines, having endless meetings, appointments and nonstop duties from one minute to the next.

I understand your dilemma because I experience many of these same things. Along with emails, phone calls, and on-going projects that I must complete I often feel overwhelmed, not knowing what to do and when to do it. Sometimes I get frustrated, flustered and beat down by it all. With a business to run, bills to pay, a home to take care of, employees to pay, and contacts to make; the ‘to-do’s’ never seem to slow down.

I know that you can relate to those times when there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to do all the things you have to do. It probably feels like the more things you have to do the more there’s left to do.

If you think back to simpler times you’ll recall as a little girl you were the one being taken care of. You were groomed and prepared for luxurious womanhood and along this journey you realized that one day you’ll have to do things for yourself just to keep up. Taking care of yourself is the natural order of things, and you have to do things that will help you look good, feel good and be good to yourself. You have to remind yourself that you are number one and you should be at the top of your pampering list.

Putting Yourself at the Top of Your List
Usually during personal crisis, turmoil or after listening to your inner voice you wonder if it’s time to reevaluate your life and decide whether the work you are doing is your life’s mission. You’ll wonder if you’re getting all you can or being all you can be or if it’s worth your time and effort to keep going the way you’re going. You’ll probably ask yourself, “Am I getting any return on my investment of time and energy? “How much of my life have I handed over to others who aren’t worthy?” You’ll finally start understanding that there’s more to life than your career, or your business.

Maybe years of conditioning have taught you to let others depend on you for fulfillment. It might come in the disguise of businesses that are all about their mission statement so that they can get what they want in order to achieve their goals.

Maybe you end up investing too much of your time and energy in things that don’t make you feel good about your life, or you find that you are desperately searching for something that cannot be found in the place you presently are. You want a better life and even more than that – you deserve to have one.

As you grow and start to live your life, your mind, body and spirit become challenged by your daily activities. You are bombarded with society’s portrayal of who you should be and after all of this you feel like you’re not taking care of yourself, not to mention that you feel unappreciated. You actually feel neglected, which further diminishes your ability to love yourself with the zest and attitude you had as a child.

How do you stop the madness? How do you end the cycle of neglect? How do you remain solid as a woman? How do you keep it all together? How do you place yourself at the top of your own list?

It all starts here. Today is a new beginning. Today you stop the perpetration of ‘busyness makes you important’. Your busyness does not give you a healthy frame of mind nor does it give you good health, peace of mind or self-fulfillment. Today you begin pampering yourself. Today you develop an intimate relationship with yourself. Today your personal renewal begins.

Pampering Pleasures assist you in uncovering the things you like and want. This is your guide to finding your path to self-love, and for those who already know what self-love is – it will help you get reacquainted with yourself and reclaim your spirit. Pampering is so necessary for inner growth and self-nurturing, which is sacred to every woman who indulges in it.

When Was The Last Time You Relaxed?
When was the last time you totally relaxed in the peacefulness of your own home? When was the last time you experienced complete silence… no radio, music, television, conversation or telephone ringing – simply complete silence? When? Most women are so busy they can’t remember. Your inner voice may be telling you to slow down, but you are so busy that you cannot hear it. Maybe you have become disconnected to what your true self wants. When you need to relax and you know that you need it desperately you have an “I’ll do it some other time attitude.” You act as if your well-being and health is negotiable and because consistent self-pampering is healthy your love for self is interrelated.

How You Can Pamper Yourself
Do you find yourself taking a back seat to your children, husband, family or job? Do you feel that if you pamper yourself you’re neglecting others? Have you ever just wanted a few minutes to yourself, where all you do is focus on nobody except you? Stress no more about these things. Once you understand that stress is a very real problem you’ll also understand that pampering and relaxation helps you coast through stress. They usually go hand in hand – stress causes you to seek the relaxation so-to-speak. It’s a fact that women are more susceptible to stress-related symptoms and diseases, so it’s important that you learn how to pamper yourself.

So the bigger question is how do you learn to pamper yourself? It isn’t as hard as you might think. Let’s begin now. Lie this blog down and for the next five minutes’ walk through your home and do some simple observing.

Cut the ringer to the phone off, silence any alarm clocks that might ring. Turn the television off and go to your favorite room. For the next fifteen minutes don’t speak or talk to anyone. Be still. Enjoy the quietness and embellish the peacefulness that surrounds you. Close your eyes and free your mind of any obstructive thoughts. Meditate, talk to God or quietly think good thoughts. Do nothing for fifteen minutes… I mean it! Do Nothing!

After your fifteen-minutes of meditation find your favorite chair and relax with your favorite drink. Get comfortable and enjoy being you. It’s that simple. You have just indulged in your first pampering pleasure.

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.
~ Confucius




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