She-Time While Traveling

Every woman needs her very own she-time

I can remember when I got the idea to write my first book, I hunted for information that focused on a woman’s she-time more than her beauty, fashion, or cosmetics products. She-time moments are necessary when a woman’s needs solitude, serenity, aloneness, quietude, or me-time. These moments are intimate, stimulating, soothing, relaxing, and rewarding moments she enjoys in a special place that she can call her space. This book is the perfect remedy for any woman who desires private time. For many, it has proven to be the best do-it-yourself way for personal relaxation and self-care.

Once I began writing; during a night out with girlfriends, I was bombarded with questions: How do I start she-time. Where, when, and how do I do it? How do I handle the children when I need she-time moments? How do I get the kind of she-time moments that I like? How do I pour love all over myself without being selfish or hurting others’ feelings?

Women wanted and needed help with successfully navigating self-love, self-care and she-time moments. They are conditioned to think that self-love is selfish, so they often avoid it. But, isn’t she-time just as important as self-care? I believe it is. The need to love and care for self is a major necessity for any woman who wants to live a successfully happy and long life. She-time moments are one of the best forms of female maintenance.

Here, in this book are activities women can use to bring personal comfort, relaxation, better state of mind, and healthier bodies to the forefront. Offered are some of the most basic she-time moments that will help her leave the world behind for a few minutes or so. This is a practical book filled with specific she-time techniques. In writing this book, I was the guinea pig. I refined my craft and sharpened my knowledge so that I could communicate the best information to you. I am sharing many personal experiences in these pages and letting you know of many she-time techniques that I have tried and tested. It is not just my story, but also the story of many others with more than a hundred she-time techniques.

I hope this book will help you discover the ‘you’ who you have always wanted to be and help you understand the importance of creating your own she-time moments. This is a girlfriend’s book. It carries a very special message for women who want and need self-pampering. It will make a valuable difference in your life. I hope this blog brings much needed love and many different ways to enjoy the she-time moments to your life.                                                       – Ella

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