Take A Stimulating Bath

In a woman’s world of hectic schedules she’ll do good to enjoy a bath for fifteen minutes, but it would be quite difficult for her to bath daily for five to six hours at a time. Be assured that a fifteen to twenty minute bath at least once a week can do wonders for any desiring woman. Baths pamper your outer and inner self.

Enhancing bathing techniques.
1. Pick the best time for bathing. Make sure you are free from any interruptions.
2. Lay out what you need for a comforting bath. Towels, loofah, candles, robe, scents, pillow, music, etc.
3. Shower first. Open your pores by showering first. Use long handled loofah for scrubbing and circulation.
4. Add your favorite scents. Perfumes or favorite body sprays add a sense of allure and sensuality to your bath.
5. Try different kinds of baths on each bathing occasion. Try bubbles one week, then maybe milk or champagne to your next bath. Try using flowers, colorful bath gels etc. You can consult with the experts in bath stores to get other great ideas and great products.
6. Soak. Soaking relieves tired muscles, soothes joints, and helps rid your body of minor aches and pains.
7. Listen to your favorite sounds. Play your favorite music, read or simply relax on your favorite bath pillow.
8. Cleanse your face. Apply your favorite masque or cream. They really work well with steam and help open pores.
9. Scrub, brush and loofah. After you’ve soaked for a while, scrub away dead skin with a nice bath brush or loofah. Manicure your cuticles while soaking and they become less bothersome.
10. Dry with e rubbing. Rubbing promotes circulation so rub your skin briskly, not hard with a wash a terry washcloth.
11. Complete your bath by applying your favorite body scent. Apply your favorite cologne or powder after your bath. Don’t overdo it.
Use bathing to jump-start your pampering pleasures. Enjoy them, become a part of them, grow with them and shine because of them.

Jump Start Romance with Soothing Baths
Any bath can be used as a means of sensual stimulation toward other fulfilling moments. Your mind, body and love life will benefit from these baths.

What you’ll need: Steam, water, scents and ability to touch.
The most important element of a sensually pampered bath experience is the ability to indulge and the time to do it. It’s been the same since people flocked to public steam baths in ancient Sparta. While bathing and pampering helps women care for their bodies; the rituals of bath treatments help unify mind, body and spirit for overall well-being. (Also see types of spas)

Spas have been built for the same reasons, but their design and features continue to change. The palatial ancient Roman baths of Carcalla, Diocletian were set in huge gardens and included swimming pools, sporting areas, galleries, and libraries.
Russian banyas feature steam baths, cold pools and platzas (which consist of whacking the skin with soaking oak branches). Women all over the world have used sweat lodges both to purify the body and spirit and to communicate with their ancestors. Japanese sentos (penny baths) typically have both hot and cold pools and traditionally offer shiatsu massage.

Today bathing therapy increasingly addresses our more active and inquisitive lifestyles. Bathing is so popular because it restores the body, balances life, revives the mind and energizes the spirit.

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