What Do I Write About?

by Ella Patterson

Lesson 2: What to Write About

Fiction and poetry are easy to write, but extremely difficult to sell and, even when sold, they historically have a short life span. Writing non-fiction will not require that you have any great literary style; but you must be able to produce well-researched, reorganized, up to date and, most important repackaged information.

Some of the recommendations in this book can be applied to fiction, just as the lessons on publishing, promotion and mail order may be taken separately and used elsewhere. However, all the recommendations are written for the reader who wishes to become an author/publisher of useful and helpful information. The information you have and the things you know are valuable to the people who need it and are seeking it.

People are eager to learn the “how-to” and “where-to,” and “what-about’. They are willing to pay large amounts of money to find it. Don’t get it confused…people need the information that you have in order to make their lives simpler, easier or even better. The information industry, the creation and distribution of ideas and information as opposed to goods and services, show amounts to more than one half of the gross national product. People will pay money for well-organized and up to date information.

To see how this market is being greatly tapped into by books check the weekly best seller lists of The New York Times, noting especially the “Trade Paperback” section.
The most lucrative sources for supplying valuable information are from your own experiences, plus your research. Write about what you already know such as those things you have experienced or witnessed, and then research to find out more about the subject and you will automatically become an expert.


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Ella, referred to as ‘Ms. Real’ by her fans is a blogger, product reviewer, travel writer and automotive test driver. She is an awesome educator, radio call-in talk show host, TV personality, published author and lecturer. Ella’ is known for giving wise advice about consumer products, human kind organizations and exhibiting good humor. For more than two decades, Ella has worked extensively spreading healthy messages about how to be smart, strong, sensible, sassy, seductive and sophisticated to women all over the world.

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