Create A Private Sanctuary

Your home does not have to be expensively decorated to display neatness. Your goal should be to make your house a home by adding touches of comfort that personalizes your space.

Have you ever walked past a stranger who was wearing your favorite scent and thought, “Wow he smells good enough to eat? Or have you ever gotten goose bumps and felt tingly inside when you heard a song that reminded you of a past lover? Have you ever seen a man that looks so good you just had to say something to him? If you answered yes to any of these questions that means your senses kicked in during these times.

These are the same senses you’ll use to create a home that’s good enough to love. You’ll achieve the look, smell, sight, sound and taste in your home that you want by creating the kind of home you really want.

Read on to find out how to make your house, apartment condo, ranch or whatever feels like a pampered Queen’s paradise.

What Does Your Home Look Like?
What do you see as you walk up to the front door of your home? Do you see a comfortable and relaxing zone or a war zone? Does it make people who visit feel warm and welcome? Let’s examine this a little further.

Start by painting your front door a welcoming color. Your entryway is the important transition between the outside world and your home. The color you choose should be warm, inviting and friendly. To add more personalization, place some colorful flowering plants on your front steps and hang positive flags that flutter gently in the breeze. Hang a sentimental welcome sign on your door to make your guests feel good.

Now, step over the threshold into the entryway to your home. Is it bright and joyful? Is it inviting? Is it calming and sensitive? Does it display peacefulness? Do your guests feel welcome? Is it clean? Is your entryway dark or dingy?

Try hanging brightly colored artwork or mirrors to reflect light. Different colors can evoke different feelings. Try to find soft, welcome colors that embody feelings of security and peace. Consider using blue for relaxation, yellow for energy, red for passion, and white for clarity. Keep this area clean and free of clutter.

What Does Your Home Sound Like?
Step inside; close your front door, stop and listen. Most people are surprised to discover that the ambient sound level in their homes is quite high. As you listen, consider what kinds of sounds you hear. Are they happy sounds such as birds chirping, joyful music or children playing? Is it the stressful noise of traffic or fussy neighbors? Is it the irritating noise of phones ringing, dogs barking or vehicle engines?

Your living room is where the outside world bursts in through telephones, televisions, radios and computers. Just as you wouldn’t allow a boisterous guest to ruin the ambience, don’t let the noise of the world overstay its welcome.

Create a retreat atmosphere by switching off everything that makes noise. Don’t leave the television on if no one is watching and don’t use it as background noise while you are busy elsewhere.

If you desire pleasant sounds here’s an alternative. Play gentle music that can be heard upon entering your home. Be sure that you have a radio or stereo close by so that you can lounge with the sound of beautiful music in the background. Don’t play anything too loud, or distracting, but rather soothing and pampering.

What Does Your Home Feel Like?
Walk into your home and look around. What do you feel upon entering? Does it feel safe, peaceful, happy and comfortable? Does it have the feeling of love and care? Does your lover enjoy the atmosphere of your home? Do people in general feel welcome and never want to leave? Does your guest feel comfortable? Are they at peace while in your home? Do you find that it takes a long time to say goodbye to guests or do they have a hard time leaving? If so, they probably like where they are. People are reluctant to leave a place where they feel calm, welcome, and warm.
Your home should display continuous comfort for others as well as yourself. It should display an inviting, and beautiful environment and it should always be a retreat from the outside world.

What Does Your Home Smell Like?
Your home is the perfect place to explore aromatherapy with bath salts, candles, oils and soaps. Quality, not quantity is important, so shop for pure oils, essences and beeswax candles with a pure cotton wick. Products containing pure oils and essences have stronger healing properties than those made from chemicals.
Research has shown that one of the fastest ways to influence mood is through smell. Some aromatherapy scents to consider: roses for romance, soothing aroma of vanilla for comfort, delicate scents of lavender, geranium or rosemary for relaxation, fresh fragrances of orange or peppermint for energy.

What Does Your Home Taste Like?
Your home is the place to celebrate life and nourishment. Honor your family heritage and create a dish similar to one you might experience while on a romantic date. Use all of your taste buds: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and taste textures such as crunchy, creamy or chewy.

Are you stuck in a taste rut with not enough zest in your food? Buy a new spice like cardamom or turmeric. Eat slowly, chew often and savor every bite of your food. Experiment by creating ethnic dishes together with good friends to nourish and to also sustain both your body and your spirit.

Continue to find ways to make your house an oasis of sensitivity and love by enhancing the environment. Include the man in your life as well as all who visit. Remember good food, good friends and good drinks bring good times.

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