Wine is Relaxing for Some People

No One Needs More Than A Little If you’re on the tightest possible budget, don’t just hit the bottom shelf at the grocery store because it’s the only way you’ll get 100 people sauced on sparkling wine. Pick the lovelier bottles for a few dollars more, and serve people less of it. You only needContinue reading “Wine is Relaxing for Some People”

Love for Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton’s Trolley 50 Bosphore Louis Vuitton’s Trolley 50 Bosphore is an uncommonly chic travel bag with luxurious modern conveniences. The classic Monogram canvas is equipped with an outer side compartment for water or agenda, and two front pockets for tickets, magazines and other travel essentials. With smooth noiseless wheels and a telescopic handle. •Continue reading “Love for Louis Vuitton”

Will the Real Men. . . Please Stand Up!

(A Nine Step Plan for Lasting Romance and Passion)  Ella Patterson offers advice for men who want to enhance every aspect of their relationship. Fast, frank and real, Ella talks about men the way good friends do. Filled with passion, romantic secrets, practical solutions to sometimes overlooked problems and fresh hints for both men andContinue reading “Will the Real Men. . . Please Stand Up!”