Spas That Pamper

Pampering Spas nurtures the mind and body using soothing and indulgent treatments. A wide range of facials, manicures, pedicures, massages, tanning, hair grooming as well as a good range of fitness facilities such as a gym, studio and pool. Nothing is strenuous and everything is designed to make you feel nurtured. Great if you’re stressed out and in need of some tender, loving care. If you want to be gently exercised then preened and primped, slathered in oils and massaged, and finally wrapped in fluffy white towels.


Enjoy Destination Spas

Destination Spas are for women who come to focus purposefully on lifestyle improvement, health enhancement, and self-renewal. Choose a Destination Spa if you seek total immersion in everything spa. Destination spas are places to go for a few days, a week, or even longer to enjoy the spa experience in the company of like-minded people. At these inspiring retreats, you find all-inclusive programs that integrate fitness, spa treatments, healthful cuisine, and lifestyle education.


Enjoy an Activity Spa

Activity Spas offer a wide range of fitness and sporting activities or excels in one. Includes health clubs and fitness centers. You can find a spa that will cater for most activities: golf is a universal sport and common at spas around the world, horse riding is popular at America spas, cycling and trekking at European spas, and water sports at beach side resorts. Look hard enough and you can find spas that will cater to more obscure activities such as dance, martial arts or archery. If you want to get fit and lose weight but find treadmills boring. Great for those who want to develop a new sport or one that you have long-neglected. If you want to be outside and feel the blood pump around your veins this one is great. Often suitable for family holidays and couples.

Drinking Wine Rules

by Ella Patterson

Does A Glass of Wine a Day Help You Live Longer?

As you may already know, some Champagne’s are truly awful. Try not to upset or offend your guests with too-sweet, gold, fat-bubbled juice tasting. Ignore your caterer’s liquor list and do some shopping on your own. Bulk up on both wine and wedding knowledge, and don’t let the question of what to serve for the toast cause a panic attack. This can be one of the easiest, most cost-effective decisions you make.

The science is still a bit ambivalent about whether drinking alcohol will help you live longer or greatly shorten your lifespan. However, after a certain age, the way you metabolize alcohol changes. It gets way more difficult for your body to handle that one glass; you’ll get a worse hangover and higher degree of toxicity from your drink. So be sure to drink in moderation.

Wellness: Enjoy A Medical Spa

Medical Spas focus on wellness and preventive healthcare or cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. Choose a Medical Spa if you are interested in healthcare in a spa setting, either at a day spa or at a spa with overnight accommodations. Medical spas offer traditional and complementary medical services supervised or administered by medical professionals. The spa’s specialty may be diagnostic testing, preventive care, cosmetic procedures, or a combination of these.

Strengthen Your Senses

Nothing’s better on earth than a woman and her ability to sense things.

While sitting in the back yard of our Desoto property one evening, my husband leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Listen to that joyful noise!” I could hear nothing so I asked, “What am I supposed to be listening for.” “The beauty of quiet,” he replied. I looked toward the sky and listened. I could hear it.

Savor Silence
Most of us become so accustomed to the noise and sounds around us that until our attention is drawn to the beauty of silence we’re not aware of how noise invades our space. Beyond that we get so use to the absence of silence that we become kind of uncomfortable when faced with it.

Silence eliminate our distractions, and compels us to be alone with ourselves. Have you ever thought it was too noisy to think? Silence has the gift of helping you discover the most profound and meaningful inner pleasures.

Try to remember the last time you had even 30 minutes of complete silence. We live in such a noisy world. We wake up to the noise of an alarm clock, our electrical coffee maker, electrical toothbrushes, hairdryers, morning news, morning traffic reports, children crying, husbands yelling, engines roaring, horns tooting, phones ringing, etc. It’s enough to make you loose your mind. Even our weekends are filled with noises, lawnmowers, leave blowers, children playing and any other noise that you’ve become accustomed to hearing.

Create silence in your own world. Bask in the pleasure of silence. You notice how you’ll eventually come to cherish this innocent pleasure.

Enjoy Listening
We all know that silence is great, and it’s helpful to learn how to tune out the bothersome noises we don’t want. Occasionally we become so use to certain noises that we no longer hear them. Of course, this is good if you live near a noisy factory. In other instances, we could refer to this as selective listening. We tune out what we can’t control and deal with everything else. When we do this we lose our ability to really listen to one another, to our inner voice and to the sweet, soothing sounds all around us.

Stand still, close your eyes and notice the farthest and closest noises you can make out. Can you hear the wind chime on the back porch, the wooden screen door closing, the creaking of the rocking chair, or the popcorn popping in the microwave? Be more aware of your emotional reaction to them. Now you’ll be able to hear the pleasurable noises over the noisy factory. They’ve been there all the time.

You may find the sounds of home comforting – the dog cooing for attention, the grandchildren laughing at one another, your husband flipping the channels on the TV, your son running up and down the stairs, cell phone ringing, the battery operated clock ticking loudly, music playing or the air conditioning blowing. When you need a hug or if you’re feeling a little lonely, tired, frazzled, why not lift your mood and energize your spirit with a few wonderful sounds.

Pamper Your Soul with Silence
Even though good conversation is also stimulating, remaining quiet for short periods of time has proven to be great for positive thinking. Effectively incorporating solitude in your life helps you relish and value life. During your silent times when you don’t speak, answer the telephone, read newspapers, watch television or listen to the radio, you can listen to your inner voice instead.

When you maintain silence for a day or a major part of the day, you’re experiencing the phenomenon of solitude. Some of the best times to solve problems are during silent times. Asking pertinent questions during silent times gives clarity, which in turn gives answers. Women tend to appreciate the input they receive from their surroundings as they draw energy from being silent.

Traditions of silence are ancient, and full of spiritual enlightenment. Silence is known as the holy uselessness,” a cleansing of interfering vision. Even though silence is described as passive, absence of noise – many philosophers consider it active and complex.

Silence is the voice of the soul. When you’re talking or preparing to talk, you are deaf to songs within. A calmer mind is reflected during silence. Creativity flourishes as it provides a chance to grow from thoughts within. Silence can also free negative energies.
Finding a time to experience solitude will help enhance your thoughts, ideas and creativity. Psychiatrist Anthony Storer, M.D., author of Solitude: A Return to the Self, explains how a woman wrote him to tell how she escaped to her bedroom each afternoon, not because she needed sleep, but because she had to be alert to the needs of others without regards to her own. She indulged in silent moments during these times.
Listening to yourself helps you realize how much you really do or don’t know. It helps reduce the expenditure of excessive energy. Initiating silence can bring peak moments of awareness to your life.

Create an Environment of Tranquility
Silence has been smothered in today’s busy and noisy world of information. Reviving the value of silence is now being done at retreats, and religious centers so that the mind can be nourished by tranquility. Silence releases the power to express your self. Women are seeking contemplation in our society, and finding out that they don’t have to leave home to obtain its benefits is great. Creating an environment to succeed with silent commitment is necessary to capture its true benefits. Here are some basic silence guidelines to follow:

1. Have the people with whom you live to actively cooperate. Cooperation is crucial to your growth in silence. Silence can sometimes feel like rejection to your loved ones, so explain why silent times are so important to you. Use these times, as enclosed curtains for yourself instead of a door to shut out loved ones will help you create support that you need from your family.
2. Share your silence. Being quiet together can add new life to your relationship. It’s okay to smile, touch and look into each other’s eyes from time to time with nonverbal communication.
3. Bring your children into your circle of silence. Encourage them to bring silent times into their own lives. It helps them to value the ability to concentrate as well as make graceful exits from arguments. It enables them to release stress by learning to calm themselves.
4. Schedule silent times. Set aside time in your day for being completely silent. You can choose the time of day as well as the amount of time you’ll use. You’re making time for you so you can make the rules. Remember that once you make the rules it will be easier to stick to them.
5. Explain your silent times. It’s your decision whether or not you explain your personal solitude. People are going to form their own opinions regardless of the true reason why, so why not be unavailable during these times. After all isn’t that the purpose of silent times?
6. Make use of the tools available to you. When out in public, wearing headphones without playing anything keeps people from distracting you or talking to you. Use your answering machine to intercept your telephone calls while integrating silent times at home. Silence is new to many women, so exploration is different.

Ella Patterson is a published author

Enjoy a Cruise Spa

Cruise Spas are on a cruise ship with a spa center. A bit like staying at a hotel but more relaxed as everyone around you is on holiday – so no suits in sight. And even though there is a busy timetable of dinners, activities, games and entertainment, it is a good getaway in terms of leaving telephones, computers, cars and crowds behind. Spas are modern and well equipped, offering a good range of treatments. However, as food and drink is unrestricted, your cruise may swing wildly between bouts of culinary over-indulgence followed by recovery sessions at the spa.

The salon area of the spa will offer similar treatments to a regular day spa. There will also usually be a gym and fitness studio offering a range of classes as well as a pool and saunas or steam room. A great way to get away from things and finding a sense of well-being while being entertained and pampered. If you feel trapped or claustrophobic on a ship this may not be a good one. If you want to lose weight – as food is included in the price of the holiday, bountiful and served buffet-style, it’s hard not to over eat.


Enjoy Reading Time

Visit a blogstore. I visit a blogstore and then I buy a really decadent coffee or tea drink. I wander around reading pieces and parts of blogs. I top the visit off by going to the music section, putting on headphones and listening to the latest releases of my favorite artists. All for the cost of that delicious drink…about $3!

Read a good blog while pampering. Reading! I can’t even remember the last time “I” got to read a blog of my own. So, after getting some routines in place I’m now left with lots of time to read my new mystery blogs. By noontime, my morning routines are already done. At night, I apply my facial mask and set up my foot spa a couple of nights a week after the kids retire to bed. It’s been a while since I’ve taken care of me, and boy, do I enjoy it!! Thanks to ‘me-time’, I feel totally pampered.

Find a quiet place to read. Lately, I’ve been taking my favorite blog and finding a quiet place to read and drink a good cup of coffee. Sometimes I stay at the coffee shop, sometimes I go to the reading room in the library, and sometimes I just sit in the car. What a glorious thing to have a block of time to sit clear-headed and read a blog! It rejuvenates my mind and spirit! When I return home I greet my family refreshed and ready to give them my full attention. I highly recommend a little peace and quiet as you indulge in your ‘me-time’ pampering.

Quietly read. Mine is so simple, but it took me years to get here. Our house starts very early. I let the frantic carrying on of getting everyone out of the house, and then I sit down with my cup of tea and the newspaper and spend 30 minutes for me before I start my day. I can quietly read, eat, breakfast and enjoy my tea then I’m ready to get on with my morning routine. Those 30 minutes are a wonderful break after the frenzy and I have learned to sit down and enjoy it.

Go to the local blogstore for an hour or two. I buy a cup of coffee and read all the blogs and magazines I want. Sometimes I buy something, sometimes not. I find this is better than the library, because the blogstore sells coffee and treats to eat. They always have the newest reading material. The peace and quiet rejuvenates me and I’m a better mom and wife when I get home.

Have some sit down time. I work four days a week at the town library, and two hours a week teaching knitting. Between those things I fit in the regular things that all moms do; Drs. Appointments, shopping, errands, etc. I can’t find a big chunk of time to do any pampering so I try to fit in small ones. I pamper myself with a time to sit down, savor my favorite chocolate bar, read a chapter of the latest blog I’ve bought. I am one that can really immerse myself in my reading, so it’s an escape for me no matter how short the moment. I really do appreciate these times.

Create A Reading Room

Even though we think of the bedroom as a pampered place some women don’t. If you’re oof the many people who love to read in their bedrooms, you might consider designing your bedroom with lounging and reading blogs in mind.

Since eye experts warn that it’s bad for a person’s eyes to read while lying down (because we tend to hold the blog too close), you might begin by enabling proper reading posture by installing padded headboards.

Another consideration is lighting. Eye experts claim that readers need at least two reading lamps of at least 175-200 watts, but that type of lighting would seem quite harsh in a bedroom setting.

Many feel that their reading time is some of my most important time, intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally. It’s the most intimate time I give myself; it compares to what others may call meditation. Just being in a space that’s warm and comfortable with a good blog is the greatest thing in the world to me, and any bright light would change the ambience of that quiet time.” Consider equalizing the overall lighting scheme by adding other less obtrusive lights across the room.

Good colors for Reading Rooms include Old World Ivory, Antique Amber, Sage Green, and Slate Blue. These soft colors reflect light without glare and also support peaceful feelings.

Squishy pillows, luxurious Afghans or throws, landscape paintings with distant horizons, and mirrors for private reflections add feelings of indulgence. A great lounge chair with a floor lamp and nearby tea table completes the additions to a perfect Reading Room.

Ayurvedic Fruit Massages

Ayurvedic massage with a real fruit facial. It refers to as a organic spa treatment. Some holistic spas offer creative workshops and group healing sessions. Food will be organic or vegetarian and there will be a ban on toxins. This one is great if you are already interested in or curious about alternative therapies. If you are trying to find yourself, get in touch with nature or wanting to heal your soul after emotional upheavals.