Loving Your Face

Aging is a four-letter word to every woman in our society. LOVE! People spend millions of dollars each year on chemical peels, face-lifts, and Botox injections in hopes of retaining the illusion of youth. Don’t buy into that buzz. Natural toned skin is beautiful at any age. Maintain good skin tone using vitamins, acupressure, and […]

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Body Treatments

A body is a woman’s temple, but sometimes the way women treat their bodies is less than holy. Unhealthy habits or neglect can leave a woman in real need of purification. For centuries, mud has been used to detoxify the body and remineralize skin. Mud can help draw out impurities, smooth and clarify skin, restoring […]

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Detox Your Feet

Footbath One of the newest ways of cleansing the body is the Ionic Cleanse Foot Detox. Obesity and health related diseases are at epidemic proportions in our country and despite all efforts we, as women continue to gain weight. The reason may be related to our toxin overload more than our calories. Body fat accumulation, […]

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Pamper Your Feet

Foot Care A pedicure is not a luxury. Your feet deserve to be treated at least as well as the rest of your body. Warm water and salts soothe tired and sore muscles caused by high heels, new shoes, or long days on your feet. Exfoliation lifts off layers of dead skin cells and accelerates […]

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Refining Your Hands

A woman’s hands are exposed to the elements daily from washing dishes to typing emails. Great looking hands and nails make a strong impression and so do troubled ones. If your hands are dry, your nails are brittle or uneven, or your cuticles are hard and curling, its time for some hand help. Overworked hands need care and attention to look […]

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