Finding Peace

Bathing is so scared in Japan that you are required to cleanse before you enter the bath or hot spring. Socializing is as much a part of the ritual as is scrubbing and cleansing. When there’s a need for peace and serenity, women retreat to their home tubs. You can create a Zen bathing experience; […]

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Water Infusion

Take To The Waters The word spa comes from the Latin phrase salus per aquam, “health via water.” Hydrotherapy is the basis of European, kurs, mineral water-based treatments that incorporate hot and cold soaks, baths, steam, showers, and drinking of mineral water to help aid specific ailments. Create this experience in your bath to tap […]

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Refresh Your Face

Our faces have to cope with a lot of problems, from damaging free facials – found in pollution, cigarette smoke, and pesticides – to oiliness and everyday stress, all of which take their toll on skin. Don’t despair. Daily cleansing and care helps manage troubled skin. Antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E are […]

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Stimulating Baths

In a woman’s world of hectic schedules she’ll do good to enjoy a bath for fifteen minutes, but it would be quite difficult for her to bath daily for five to six hours at a time. Be assured that a fifteen to twenty minute bath at least once a week can do wonders for any […]

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Awaken Your Senses

In this ritual you’ll use your mind to arouse your appetite and you’ll begin to feel more sensually awakened. If you practiced Phase One as suggested, you should be able to move into this phase with ease. What you’ll need: your mind, your body and your favorite lotion. To help improve your senses, massage your […]

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In-Home Massages

Enjoy luxurious treatments in the comfort and convenience of your home with the same details that you experience in a spa. Everyone likes to be touched in that special kind of way. And although we love massages, they are a thousand times more enjoyable when done by a sexy lover. Massages can be used for […]

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Illumination – Lighting

Illumination establishes a sense of energy, serenity and a mood for pampering. Pampering spaces requires careful attention. A pampering area needs plenty of ambient or general illumination as well as task lights dedicated to each station of pampering space. If you take time to plan it to fit your moods you should be fine with […]

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