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From The Publisher, Ella Patterson
Hi There, We Are Global One Magazine. In 1996, Global One began as a travel and automotive newsletter.  We have grown to become a major contributor to the Texas media market through influential editorial content and a renowned brand. Our publisher has published eleven books, so she understands in-depth publishing, marketing, and advertising.
Our business model is simple: Attract high-value readers.  Connect our audience to our advertisers.  Build our partners’ businesses.  Our market is identifiable, we cater to consumer buyers.
We cater to travel, destinations, hotel, resorts, spas, retail, fashion, automotive, cuisine, restaurants, beverages, bars, movies, theaters, consumer products and services. apparel, children’s fashion, audio, video, housewares, sports, family, and home goods.
Global One Magazine … tells stories like no one else. We celebrate lifestyles along with the human experience.
We provide insight and expert advice on beauty, fashion, travel, book publications, health, destinations, hotel, resorts, spas, retail, fashion, automotive, cuisine, restaurants, food, beverages, movies, health, home furnishings, sports, travel, professional services, consumer products and services. We offer tips and info on, relationships and everything else you need to live a fuller and happier life.
Global One showcases the best that we can be, the best of who we are, and the best we have become.
A core tenet of Global One Magazine is our belief in the exponential value in paid readership. We don’t mail free magazines to mailboxes or stack them in bins at bagel shops. Our readers come to us — and by extension, our customers are willing to pay for the Global One experience.
Print marketing is instant, compelling, and effective. Whether its in our magazine this month or next month the power of a great print advertisement can’t be discounted. In a print advertisement, marketers have more room to be funny, creative, and concise. Customers have learned to give print marketing their undivided attention. At Global One, our creative professionals turn graphics and script into powerful poignant works of art.
Whether they are subscribers or newsstand buyers, your advertising and sponsorship investment is received by brand enthusiasts.  Global One is the magazine they value and trust. Through this powerful relationship, we help you build your business, and connect you to the most valuable customers in your city.
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Meet T’Juanna Winters

T’Juanna Winters is the founder of Lil Lizzie Foundation, and is best known for her community service work with ‘Lil Lizzie Foundation.’ In her community, she recognized as “a giving guru extraordinaire. Lil Lizzie Foundation serves the community by way of helping individuals, families, women, infant, children, schools, and the homeless, throughout the Texas region.

“T’Juanna was born in a middle-class family in East St. Louis, Ill. to a teenage single mother and later raised in an inner-city Oceanside, California neighborhood. At the age of six she moved to Dallas Texas and began her education in the Dallas Public Schools. She graduated from Kimball High School and later attended Dillard University in New Orleans, La. She landed a job as a Nightclub Manager, and even though she earned a great salary, she felt the need to do more for people who are less fortunate. She desired to help others.  

Credited with creating a more intimate relationship with the people who she helps she has popularized and revolutionized the charitable scale through which, according to Global One Magazine, she entered the mainstream.  

A person posing for a picture

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reinvented her company, Lil Lizzie Foundation with a focus on giving back to all communities, no matter the lifestyle, race, creed, or color.​ Following the example of her grandmother, T’Juanna Winters has become a godsend to her community. From adopting schools to building churches in her Dallas, TX community, she has earned the title “Fairy Godmother”.

Through her foundation Lil Lizzie, T’Juanna has dedicated herself to bring high-impact awareness to communities in need. Adding to her growing list of philanthropic deeds, she is now on a mission to help women tear down the walls that hinder them from succeeding.

T’Juanna’s ultimate objective is to help women let go of their past in order to move forward to better themselves. “I thought it was important to start doing more things to help women because it’s time we have honest conversations about the many topics that affect women,” T’Juanna shared exclusively with Global One Magazine. At times, we have so many issues weighing on our hearts it can be painful. It is time we get it off our chest and seek the support or help needed.”

T’Juanna did not become a mogul by waiting for opportunities. To become a mogul, she learned the significance of having her personal affairs in order. “Being CEO of your life is knowing what is acceptable and knowing when to let go of people who do not serve a purpose,” she shares. “Most importantly, put God first; know that you are worthy of love, especially self-love.” These are all the golden nuggets that will be shared at the Mask Off Women’s Conference through the Lil Lizzie Foundation. In the future, you can expect the Lil Lizzie Foundation to help more people and organizations outside of Texas and hopefully around the world. “I desire to see more churches and schools provide the needs of the people in the community and I will do everything in my power to make it happen.”

See more of Lil Lizzie Foundation at www.lillizziefoundation.org.  The Lil Lizzie Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, is dedicated to giving back and to bringing high-impact awareness to communities in need. The Lil Lizzie Foundation is located in Irving, Texas. This organization primarily operates in the Civic and Social Associations business / industry within the Membership Organizations sector.