Black Truffles

Tuber melanosporum is a type of mushroom known to most as the “black truffle.” It’s one of the most expensive mushroom varieties in the world, with France being the leading producer. Black truffles have an indescribable yet pungent and distinct flavor. They lend a gourmet touch to pizzas, pastas, meat, fish, soups, risotto, etc. and enhance dishes that have an otherwise neutral taste. Worth a try!

Sweet Plantains

Oven-baked sweet plantains.  Baked plantains are a typical Guatemalan dish. It’s made by slicing up ripe plantains, then tossing them in oil (vegetable, coconut, etc.) and baking them until nicely caramelized. Talk about healthy indulgence!


You’ve probably at least heard of French escargots aka snails. Believe it or not, they’re actually delicious! When preparing the dish, the snails are first removed from their shells, then cooked with butter, garlic and parsley and put back into the shells for serving. You might have to get used to the chewy texture and practice using the fork and tongs, but they’re definitely worth a taste.

Semmeltarta (Swedish cake)

Semmeltarta is a typical Swedish dessert made of a spiced sandwich round (thanks to the presence of cardamom), which is then slightly hollowed out in the center and filled with almond cream. To be accompanied by tea or coffee and in many parts of Sweden, the sweet delicacy is enjoyed dipped into a cup of hot milk.


Rabbit is a more common meat dish in Europe, but it can still be found at restaurants in the US. When cooked into stews or braised dishes, it takes on a fantastic moist and juicy flavor. It also happens to be quite lean. So hop to it!

Catfish Sandwich

This crunchy sandwich is a Southern specialty in the States, made with catfish breaded in cornmeal and fried to golden perfection. Served on a bed of fresh chopped lettuce and drizzled with yogurt sauce, this is one where you can’t knock it ’til you tried it.


Named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, this meringue cake was created in New Zealand to honor the famous dancer after one of her tours in the Oceania region. Its distinguishing trait is a crunchy exterior and soft, fluffy inside. Commonly served with whipped cream and fresh fruit, it makes for a wonderful dessert to serve at parties.


This exotic fruit is typical of Southeast Asia. It’s quite healthy but known for having a strong, unpleasant odor, so much so that its consumption has been banned in some public places.


Walkie Talkies

Though they certainly aren’t the prettiest of foods, walkie-talkies, or grilled chicken feet, are a highly popular South African snack. They sometimes come in a curried stew and are served with traditional pap (porridge), or you’ll find them marinated and grilled, ready to be eaten by hand. With a sticky, crunchy texture and unique flavor, these little snacks are actually quite healthy, as they’re low in calories and high in protein. Proof that looks aren’t everything.