Girls Night Out Rules

We all look forward to the big girl’s night out. At the end of a hard day there’s no better way to unwind than going out and getting down on the dance floor. Who better to share this with than your closest female friends? These are the top 10 rules for having an amazing night out with your favourite girls.

  1. Pre-drink together! No matter how many times she smiles and nods, you know your mate can’t hear you when you try and shout in her ear over the bass in the club. In the comfort of your own home, a bottle of wine, blasting your favorite tunes and teasing each other’s hair – the pre-drink is the perfect time for you to really bond with your mates before you go out and hit the dance floor.
  2. Leave the drama at home. There’s nothing worse than your best mates having too much to drink and deciding that arguing about who stole who’s boyfriend back in sixth form is a really good idea. Leave all the extra baggage at the door – you’ve gone out to have fun!
  3. Don’t forget your camera. Whether it’s a duckface or a stream of shameless bathroom selfies, you don’t want to forget the memories you will make tonight.
  4. There’s plenty of fish in the sea, throw this one back! After that second mojito, the guy across the bar is starting to look more and more like Johnny Depp in this light. Don’t make any plans to elope just yet. There’s nothing wrong with an occasional club snog, but a girl’s night out is just that. Leave with the people you came with.
  5. Dance like no one’s watching. Try out those dance moves you’ve been practicing in the bedroom mirror. Tonight, you and your girls are ruling that dance floor; revel in it.
  6. Drink responsibly. Know your limits – there is such thing as one shot too many. Besides, no one likes a sloppy drunk; especially one that they have to carry home.
  7. Look out for each other. It is hard work trying to stop one friend drunk texting her ex, while saving another from a creepy lurker and still get your groove on. Be patient, they’d do the same for you.
  8. Pick a venue you all like. There’s a variety of different places where you can go to let your hair down – bars, pubs, clubs. There’s no point going to a place where you and your friends are not all on the same vibe.
  9. Stay classy, not trashy. You are out to have fun, but that doesn’t mean that you have to lose your wits. Your skirt hiked up on the dance floor and sick in your hair is never a good look. Don’t do anything that will give you horrible flashbacks along with that hangover in the morning.
  10. No woman gets left behind. There’s nothing worse than when your big girls’ night out turns into a drunken game of hide and seek in a crowded nightclub. Try and leave together, especially if you’re going to more than one venue. Imagine your friend’s horror when she realizes halfway through the night that she’s twerking on her own. Sometimes, you do have to stay for ‘just one more song’ and stick with your friends.

Girls Night Out or In?

It’s your choice. Sometimes referred to as a Pamper Party! … Why don’t you get together with a few of your good friends, a few bottles of good wine, and some healthy appetizers. Add soothing music, relaxing massages, beauty treatments, great conversation and the good times are wonderfully invigorating ways to spend an evening with your best girlfriends.

It’s about midnight on a Friday, and lavender aromatherapy scents fill the air. The party is going strong. Wine, champagne, sparkling water, cold drinks, fresh vegetables, cheese, sliced fruit assorted meats and seafood’s are spread out on a table.  Here’s an example.

The sounds of soothing instrumental music and voices of happy women fill the air. One woman is feeling so good she’s closed her eyes. Her head is cushioned, her feet are being massaged and a joyous smile is planted on her face.

Another is stretched out on a massage table – lying in a semi-dark private room, enjoying a firm pair of hands that are working methodically over all parts of her stressed body.

Two other women are experiencing soothing mud pack facials. Another is wrapped in a fluffy white bathrobe and stretched out on a lounger with cucumbers on her eyes. There’s another woman sitting with headphones on her head with hot paraffin wax moisturizer on her hands and feet.

Four others are relaxing with their hair wrapped in towels and their feet soaking in basins of warm, scented water. “Mmmm,” one sighs. “This is simply divine.” Another one moans, “God knows I needed this.”

Welcome to the latest embodiment of girls’ night out: ‘the girl’s night in’ pamper party. By day, these women lead busy lives. One is a homemaker and mother of five children, one works in a doctor’s office, one works for the largest air conditioning company in the world, one runs a catering company. Another is a flight instructor and another is an hotelier. So to relieve stress they gather every few months at one of their homes, put on soft music, change clothes and let massage therapists and other professionals work their magic.

“It’s more intimate than a health spa,” says Marva, the flight instructor. “And your time is not limited. It’s very stimulating to get together with other women to discuss pampering, men, relationships, goals and to network.”

Day spas are recognizing this girl’s night in trend by offering mobile services. Added to this is an expanding array of do-it-yourself kits sold in stores nationwide with everything from aromatherapy candles to body scrubs, and it’s clear that home spa treatments are becoming more popular.

The setting can be luxurious (a hotel suite with a fleet of beauty technicians) or intimate (a few friends giving one another facials at your home). Some pamper parties have included as many as 20 women, but there are many ways to enjoy them and scale down the cost.

‘Girls Night In’ Pamper Party Formula

You can choose to host the party as a gift to your best friends or family members or have everyone select and pay for their own services. It’s as simple as sending out an invitation, taking everyone’s spa treatment order and taking care of everything by creating a schedule for the technicians, sending the correct number of people and spacing out the appointments so that you have ample time to relax and chat.
Pamper Parties can include express facials, 30 minute massages, manicures, and pedicures or the works which might include a series of treatments for each person. Make sure they last long enough for your guests to simultaneously beautify and socialize.

Mixing A Pamper Party with A Book Party!
You can combine a pampering party with a book club party. This can really make your pampering party fun.’ Here’s how to do it.

• Issue invites to your party by sending them out attached to your favorite book … Pampering Pleasures or Sexual Healing.
• Instruct everyone read the book before they come to the party.
• Use decorations that reflect the theme of the book.  Use homemade bookmarks as napkin holders.
• Read a chapter together at the party. (The host gets to select the featured chapter.)
• A mother-daughter Pamper-Book Club party is a great idea too. Be sure to choose a chapter that both of you will enjoy.
• Use elegant gloves as napkin holders. Place the napkins half way inside the gloves.
• To keep conversation going use a beautiful purse to hold questions about the book. Pass the purse along to each guest to get everyone involved. Guests can place their questions in the purse upon arrival.
• Provide bookmarkers as gifts or guests can create their own.
• Have the each guest write his or her initial on a piece of felt with a marker. Later, you can hand stitch their initials to give at the next book club gathering.
• Coordinate the activities so that they flow smoothly and every guest gets equal amounts of pampering.