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From The Publisher, Ella Patterson
Hi There, We Are Global One Magazine. In 1996, Global One began as a travel and automotive newsletter.  We have grown to become a major contributor to the Texas media market through influential editorial content and a renowned brand. Our publisher has published eleven books, so she understands in-depth publishing, marketing, and advertising.
Our business model is simple: Attract high-value readers.  Connect our audience to our advertisers.  Build our partners’ businesses.  Our market is identifiable, we cater to consumer buyers.
We cater to travel, destinations, hotel, resorts, spas, retail, fashion, automotive, cuisine, restaurants, beverages, bars, movies, theaters, consumer products and services. apparel, children’s fashion, audio, video, housewares, sports, family, and home goods.
Global One Magazine … tells stories like no one else. We celebrate lifestyles along with the human experience.
We provide insight and expert advice on beauty, fashion, travel, book publications, health, destinations, hotel, resorts, spas, retail, fashion, automotive, cuisine, restaurants, food, beverages, movies, health, home furnishings, sports, travel, professional services, consumer products and services. We offer tips and info on, relationships and everything else you need to live a fuller and happier life.
Global One showcases the best that we can be, the best of who we are, and the best we have become.
A core tenet of Global One Magazine is our belief in the exponential value in paid readership. We don’t mail free magazines to mailboxes or stack them in bins at bagel shops. Our readers come to us — and by extension, our customers are willing to pay for the Global One experience.
Print marketing is instant, compelling, and effective. Whether its in our magazine this month or next month the power of a great print advertisement can’t be discounted. In a print advertisement, marketers have more room to be funny, creative, and concise. Customers have learned to give print marketing their undivided attention. At Global One, our creative professionals turn graphics and script into powerful poignant works of art.
Whether they are subscribers or newsstand buyers, your advertising and sponsorship investment is received by brand enthusiasts.  Global One is the magazine they value and trust. Through this powerful relationship, we help you build your business, and connect you to the most valuable customers in your city.
For advertising in the Global One Magazine, contact Ella Patterson at 972-765-1950 or email her at … globalonemagazine@gmail.com






– Ella Patterson

Press/PR: Got a product or service you would like to see reviewed or advertised on Global One Lifestyle Reviews.com?

If you would like your product considered for a review or other feature on Global One Lifestyle Reviews.com, or you’d like to advertise on the site, please email realellapatterson@gmail.com.

I provide fair and honest reviews of all products, whether they are purchases or samples.
Sending a sample doesn’t guarantee a review on Global One Lifestyle Reviews. Samples are given priority in queue for reviews, typically in order of how they are received.
Please note that reviews could take several weeks to appear depending on queue.
In addition, Global One Lifestyle Reviews likes to put consumer products to the test – if you’re sending a product that is for fashion, beauty or even leather goods, we will likely test it for 2 to 4 weeks prior to writing a review.

Other products that are results-driven will be reviewed in a similar manner, with length of review period depending on product type/promise.

Please, no pitches on COSMETIC/PLASTIC SURGERY.
Would you like a speaker or to invite Global One Lifestyle Reviews to your event or show?

Global One Lifestyle Reviews covers all types of industry conferences/shows/events. If you would like to invite Ella to a show or event to cover or speak about writing, editing, public relations, building personal brand, or other topics, please email Ella at realellapatterson@gmail.com

-Ella Patterson

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