Connoisseur Spas

Connoisseur Spas are the world’s crème de la crème. Choose a Connoisseur Spa if you wish to experience the very best the spa world has to offer. These spas have been specially selected for their extraordinary ambience, luxurious accommodations, high staff-to-guest ratio, exceptional spa services, outstanding cuisine, and awards for excellence. Imagine a two person […]

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An Apple A Day

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away While it is important to eat healthy, especially in middle age, exercising and eating right isn’t all you need. This is the age where you need to start getting colonoscopies, mammograms, and other screening tests regularly.

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Pampering Pleasures

by Ella Patterson, Published Author I can remember when I got the idea to write this blog. I needed information that focused on pampering pleasures  for women more than beauty and cosmetics products.   It’s simple, women want to be pampered.  So, with that said, here it is… the best pampering blog in the world.  Enjoy! […]

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Spas That Pamper

Pampering Spas nurtures the mind and body using soothing and indulgent treatments. A wide range of facials, manicures, pedicures, massages, tanning, hair grooming as well as a good range of fitness facilities such as a gym, studio and pool. Nothing is strenuous and everything is designed to make you feel nurtured. Great if you’re stressed […]

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Enjoy Destination Spas

Destination Spas are for women who come to focus purposefully on lifestyle improvement, health enhancement, and self-renewal. Choose a Destination Spa if you seek total immersion in everything spa. Destination spas are places to go for a few days, a week, or even longer to enjoy the spa experience in the company of like-minded people. […]

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Try a Club Spa

Club Spas are a fitness location with spa facilities. Usually member’s only. Includes any health club, gym or leisure centers offering a spa area. The spa is usually a sanctuary away from the action of the fitness area offering an environment similar to that of a regular day spa. However, as those around you are […]

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