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At Good Morning Divas, our mission is to disseminate review information that will increasingly help consumers live life to the fullest. Good Morning Divas is about lifestyle, interaction, communications, travel, automotive, books, restaurants, food, beverages, destinations, hotels, resorts, health and good reads through news-related print, online and broadcast media.

Our mission is to promote quality and accuracy in lifestyle and consumer product reviews and to disseminate reviews and information about topics our consumer-readers love. We strive to create relationships with people throughout the world. Our relationships are extended to companies who might not otherwise connect well with the consumer. We promote reader and viewer awareness about the retail industry.

We are unwavering on our goal to improve the lives of people by providing the best lifestyle reviews available. With personal stories, expert tips and on hands reviewers, Good Morning Divas strives to deliver valuable insight.

Our regular features include journalist lifestyle reviews from international and domestic destinations, travel secrets, automotive, restaurants, beverages, hotels, resorts, consumer products, financial advice, health & beauty tips, destination getaways, cuisine, and much more. As always Good Morning Divas is gourmet. We love that stuff. I hope you enjoy our reviews. You are invited to make comments and if you want, you can send us your own reviews and we will publish them if they meet our guidelines.

We strive to become the premier women’s blog/magazine dedicated to celebrating the adventurous side of a person’s life, and as always we will continue to write about things everyone will love to read about!

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Enjoy A Health Spa

Health Spas are residential establishments wholly dedicated to the pursuit of health, beauty and well being in all its forms.

It includes traditional health farms, new age holistic retreats, medical clinics and natural spas based around a natural source of mineral, thermal or seawater.
This kind of spa is usually located in a peaceful or picturesque surrounding. The health spa is a retreat as much as a healthy venue. An informal, relaxed atmosphere prevails and you can expect to spend much of your day in a robe being cared for by highly trained therapists with a high staff to guest ratio.

All food will be healthy, if not calorie controlled, often offering organic, vegetarian or menus catering for special dietary requirements.

As well as a large range of face and body treatments, health spas offer a full timetable of consultations, activities, classes, talks and demonstrations. Many spas offer specific weeklong health program for a varied range of targets from detoxing and relaxation to weight loss and quitting smoking. Ideal for true relaxation, detox plans, specific well-being programs, life changes, spiritual retreats, medical help, rest and post-operative recuperation. There are usually no bar, children, smoking, mobile phones, or conference facilities. Most health spas would not suit people who don’t like staying in one place all the time.

About Global One Magazine

From The Publisher, Ella Patterson
Hi There, We Are Global One Magazine. In 1996, Global One began as a travel and automotive newsletter.  We have grown to become a major contributor to the Texas media market through influential editorial content and a renowned brand. Our publisher has published eleven books, so she understands in-depth publishing, marketing, and advertising.
Our business model is simple: Attract high-value readers.  Connect our audience to our advertisers.  Build our partners’ businesses.  Our market is identifiable, we cater to consumer buyers.
We cater to travel, destinations, hotel, resorts, spas, retail, fashion, automotive, cuisine, restaurants, beverages, bars, movies, theaters, consumer products and services. apparel, children’s fashion, audio, video, housewares, sports, family, and home goods.
Global One Magazine … tells stories like no one else. We celebrate lifestyles along with the human experience.
We provide insight and expert advice on beauty, fashion, travel, book publications, health, destinations, hotel, resorts, spas, retail, fashion, automotive, cuisine, restaurants, food, beverages, movies, health, home furnishings, sports, travel, professional services, consumer products and services. We offer tips and info on, relationships and everything else you need to live a fuller and happier life.
Global One showcases the best that we can be, the best of who we are, and the best we have become.
A core tenet of Global One Magazine is our belief in the exponential value in paid readership. We don’t mail free magazines to mailboxes or stack them in bins at bagel shops. Our readers come to us — and by extension, our customers are willing to pay for the Global One experience.
Print marketing is instant, compelling, and effective. Whether its in our magazine this month or next month the power of a great print advertisement can’t be discounted. In a print advertisement, marketers have more room to be funny, creative, and concise. Customers have learned to give print marketing their undivided attention. At Global One, our creative professionals turn graphics and script into powerful poignant works of art.
Whether they are subscribers or newsstand buyers, your advertising and sponsorship investment is received by brand enthusiasts.  Global One is the magazine they value and trust. Through this powerful relationship, we help you build your business, and connect you to the most valuable customers in your city.
For advertising in the Global One Magazine, contact Ella Patterson at 972-765-1950 or email her at …

Lifestyle Product Reviews

Ella Patterson, Publisher

Hello Everyone! 

Our mission is to promote quality and accuracy of lifestyle and consumer product reviews by way of journalism and to disseminate information about travel, automotive, restaurants, beverages, hotels, resorts and consumer products through news-related print, online and broadcast media.

On behalf of its Journalist, Manufacturer and Consumers, Global One strives to create channels between companies and individuals within the industry who might not have otherwise connected, thus empowering the individual consumer while promoting reader, viewer and listener awareness of the retail industry.

We are unwavering on our goal to improve the lives of women by providing the best travel and lifestyle reviews available. With personal stories, expert tips and on hands reviewers, Global One Magazine strives to deliver valuable insight on destinations, family issues, travel, food, consumer products, health and fitness. Add a dash of humor, celebrity and foodie reporting and that’s our publication: the premier women’s magazine dedicated to celebrating the adventurous side of a woman’s life.

Regular Features Include:
Journalist reviews from international and domestic destinations, travel secrets, automotive, restaurants, beverages, hotels, resorts, consumer products, financial advice, health & beauty tips, destination getaways, cuisine, and as always Global One Magazine gourmet.  That’s the stuff we love.

– Ella Patterson
President / CEO / Journalist
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Global One Magazine

To My Readers …

I WANT TO THANK AND ACKNOWLEDGE my supportive readers for enjoying and indulging in Global One Magazine. I cannot believe it’s been nearly a year.  I hope the magazine has brought about a sense of peace, joy, and a series of beautiful journey’s, even if only a few minutes. Indulging in cozy places and things that bring calmness is the objective of every month’s issue. Finding your favorite place to settle at home can be included and can offer a few magical and peaceful moments in time.

Ever have one of those days where you need a little more inspiration than normal. Have you ever felt like you are feeling more stuck than unstuck?  Do you sometimes feel more in over your head than your head is above water? Sometimes it’s not even the task itself that is overwhelming, it’s just the thought of getting started that makes you want to crawl back into bed and sleep until tomorrow. Although I think it’s okay to have a day where you “just can’t” – sometimes all you really need is a tiny push in the right direction. Finding a space or a place that you can unwind is key; and Lord knows if there’s one thing, we all need from time to time is a place to escape and relax.

Unfortunately for many of us finding a good place to escape means escaping mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, or even socially. Maybe you indulge in small local get-a-way’s. Maybe you enjoy listening to music in a cozy place or while on a quiet drive. Then maybe someone else you know enjoys redecorating their home or meditating as a way to relax. Whatever kind of escape you choose to indulge in, it’s important to nurture your mind, body, and spirit by giving yourself an outlet that’s outside of the norm or a simple break from the normal routine. For me right now it’s yoga and meditating in a quiet and undisturbed environment. It’s how I find my version of balance and peacefulness.

Whether you’re facing a full week of days in the office, an at-home organizing project, or running errands that you’ve been putting off, here are some fruitful yet creative ways to stay inspired, motivated, and productive.

For this issue, we wanted to put together an arsenal of photos, stories, methods, and tools that can help you discover your very own escape. I love that you can find joy and peace in something as simple as a clean home, a cozy room, a taste of good food, a soothing drive along a winding quiet road, or closing yourself in to regroup and recharge so that you will like your life.    As always, I send you support for peace within. Keep your head to the sky and move forward. Enjoy your life.

With love and gratitude, Ella


I remember when I got the idea to create a magazine. It was a project I had been longing to do, but first, I needed the best information about how to get the job done. I had accumulated hundreds of thousands of researched contents, had written fifty-two books and I garnered extensive publishing knowledge, but I did not clearly understand how to pull it all together. I thought long and hard about how I could present this project to the world. I pondered for months about how I could be unique and provide joyful information without being fake. I wanted my magazine to be so real that people would not be able to put it down. After all I went so far as to trademark the name ‘Ms. Real’, so I could not be anything other than ‘real’ in my quest to publish a print magazine.

       I was not afraid to offer my dream to the world, so I began making phone calls to everyone I know in the publishing industry that would give me helpful advice. My first call was to several former Editor-in-Chief of great magazines. I did not dare try to compete with any of them, but I did want to provide another cultural experience filled with choices for people. The only question I was asked was… “Why had I waited so long to get started?” My answer was simple;  “I was focused on writing books and securing book deals, but now I was ready for a new project.”

        This magazine’s focus is so clear to me now. It will focus on people, places, and things. Global One Magazine is an extension of my publishing and authoring of books. Global One Magazine is a continuation of my dream. Its purpose is to provide a journey filled with advice, insight and photo sections that speak volumes about things people enjoy. Sometimes one word is enough.

       I must admit that sometimes we need help to navigate the waters of new projects. I have sought, found, and been guided in the right direction. I am ready. I now present Global One Magazine: a bi-monthly lifestyle magazine covering community, safety, health, fashion, beauty, food, drink, cuisine, recipe’s, well-being, travel, lifestyle, automotive, entertainment, culture, and consumer updates. First published as a website in 1996, its target audience is African American lifestyle.

       Oh, before I forget, I believe that there is wonderment and happiness associated with people of all races, but todays magazine is dedicated the African American Woman.  Also, a quick reminder to all my readers…. if we do not seize our opportunities to see the world now, its beauty might pass us by.  I am happy, I am proud, and I look forward to each new adventure.

       I have met so many amazing and wonderful people and have experienced moments shared with strangers that I now refer to as friends.

       In this small yet powerful magazine, I hope you understand that turning your dreams into reality can be attained. The beauty of Global One is that it can inspire, rejuvenate, educate, and stimulate whatever reality you would like to experience. It can take you places that you desire to visit, or it can help inspire your next daydream with our one-word photos.  I hope you and your loved ones appreciate the magic of the products, services and adventures featured in each edition of Global One. Take your time and enjoy every moment as you indulge in a magazine filled with beautiful lifestyle and cultural experiences. I wish you love and health on your journey.

Ella Patterson, Publisher


Texas Barbeque

It’s not Texas barbecue unless brisket and Texas toast are served on top of a styrofoam plate.

Neapolitan Pizza

Nothing on this earth compares to Neapolitan Pizza from Naples.

In and Out Burgers

You have to go with the Animal Style Fries and Double-Double Cheeseburger (or 3 X 3 if you’re really hungry). You just HAVE to.

King Crab Legs

Prized king crabs found off the coast of Alaska are expensive due to their scarcity and because king crab fishing is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. Aren’t you tempted to eat one of the long, spidery legs?

Fish Tacos

Here’s a fantastic way to get your seafood fix. Fish tacos are a typical Mexican dish and can be prepared in infinite ways. Try them with chopped shrimp, pico de gallo and shredded cabbage, drizzled in a creamy, spicy avocado sauce.

Coffee in Dallas, Texas

It’s time I  wrote about coffee in Dallas. It’s time I indulged and celebrated just how far we’ve come in the last 5 years. Coffee has moved, becoming a sophisticated thing produced and consumed with a desire to find the best of the best.  I’ve seen many coffees show up, dressed with beautiful coffee machines. I must admit we’re a city of coffee drinking fanatics, aficionados, nerds.They’re as fervent about this as our baristas are about steaming temperatures, brewing methods, and the way barometric pressure and temperature shifts affect the nature of a pulled shot.

Coffee is nothing more than a caffeine movement, you say? I beg to differ.  Coffee drinkers and those who someday will become coffee drinkers  want you to know the real deal, the sourcing, roasting, brewing—and have an experience. They have a cool relationship with the coffee. Sometimes, I feel like I’m interrupting. But I’m glad to lay out coffee cake over the table while sipping a latte with its perfect amount of foam. I’ve  learned to love the nuances of the single-origin, small batch-roast from Guatemala’s Antigua Valley as a cortado or maybe I’ll just have a great espresso shot, to better taste those spice notes in the bean. It’s one of many variations you’ll find around town these days.


Funnel Cake

Funnel cake is one of those childhood must-do’s when visiting the local fair. This yummy dessert consists of fried dough topped with powdered sugar and sometimes fresh fruit and whipped cream or chocolate. It also goes by the name of “elephant ear.”

Bread Pudding with Vanilla Bean Sauce

Bread pudding is a dish found in many cuisines of the world, including France, England, Peru, Belgium, Mexico and Argentina. It’s typically prepared with eggs, sugar, bread, lard, dried fruit and spices (cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg). Served with a sweet vanilla bean sauce, it’s a must-try!


Fried Calamari

Fried squid is a delicious way to get your seafood fix, especially if you tend to be wary of fishy tastes and textures. You can find it on many Italian restaurant menus, and it’s also very present in Spanish, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines. Served with a squeeze of lemon, it’s the crisp taste of the sea in breaded disguise.

Chicken Tikka Massala

A typical Indian dish, chicken tikka masala is spicy, creamy and delicious. Eat it with steamed basmati rice, perfect for soaking up the rich and flavorful sauce.