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Good Morning Divas Magazine was created by published author, Ella Patterson. It was first published in 2008 as on online womens blog and later grew to become this lifestyle print magazine that you are now reading. Our core principles are culture, conscious, and connections. Our goal is to educate, inspire, inform, and uplift readers with a series of beautiful journeys. Our journalism intent is to disseminate information, provide knowledge, and educate our readers. The publication covers business, healthcare, community, beauty, fashion, sports, food, cuisine, education, finance, arts, culture, books, automotive, women, children, men, cuisine, relationships travel, and so much more!

​If you are interested in exposing your business to a diverse engaged community, then Good Morning Divas is the right place.  Many of your potential customers visit this website every day or pick up our brand new print publication distributed throughout Southern Dallas.

We provide quality content focused on worldwide communities and consumer issues. goodmorningdivas.com is easily accessed by anyone who has access to the Internet. Social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, are integral parts of our operations, engaging readers in conversations about the issues that affect their daily lives.

To provide our audience with an additional way to receive hyper-local news we developed a print newspaper supplemental offering. We provide readers as much useful, relevant, and free information as possible. While Dallas South News has been successful online, we now have the opportunity to broaden our reach through our print publication. The design mixes traditional layouts with contemporary design elements.

Good Morning Divas is your must-read magazine for all the latest news and pop culture. Since 1996, we’ve provided readers a chance to read about topics that interest them the most. From lifestyles · travel · destinations · tourisms · foods · drinks · culture · auto · wellness · home · and fashion, our articles are written by a talented team of writers to help you stay in the loop about the latest trends, updates and news. Good Morning DivasMagazine is your go-to for all the latest happenings and topics.

Whether you’re reading for leisure or are a magazine fanatic, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

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Distribution Locations:

Barnes and Nobles




Tom Thumb

Local Doctors Offices

Dallas African American Museum

South Side on Lamar

Paul Quinn College

Baylor Diabetes Health and Wellness Institute

South Dallas Smiles

Concord Church

Friendship-West Baptist Church

Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce

Fiesta – Hampton/Ledbetter

Southwest Center Mall

Johnson Chapel Community Church – DeSoto

Off The Bone BBQ

University of North Texas at Dallas

The Master’s Haircuts

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