Helpful Book Printing Tips

by Ella Patterson

To achieve best quality, most good printers use only state-of-the-art full-color offset printing machines and technologies and full-color digital presses. You have many options on perfect binding print projects. They’ll need to know the page count, folded size, full color or black ink, mixed media (different paper types on within the booklet), etc. To ensure your requirements are met schedule and then contact the printer to go over the exact specs of your book or booklets before ordering. In many cases, different varieties of materials or bindery methods that will produce a superior product and save you money will be suggested.

How is a Perfect Bound Book Made?
In the perfect binding technique, we print double-sided pages with each of these containing the contents of four of the finished book’s pages. The first of these contains the content of pages 1 through 4, the second pages 5 through 8, etc. Content on these double-sided pages is arranged so when the printed pages are folded in half, the book’s pages come out in the right order.

Then the folded pages are hot glued together along the fold edge. When the glue dries, we face trim the exposed (non-fold) edges with a guillotine cutter. This gives the assembled book or booklet the straight, uniform, ‘perfect’ edge for which this method is named. To complete the process, we wrap a cover around the assembly and glue this along the spine. Typically the cover comes with a clear-coated finish to make it more durable and stain-resistant.

Top quality perfect bound books serve as excellent marketing tools for your business. This binding methodology produces a highly attractive and durable result, much like commercially printed paperbacks. And the low cost of these books or booklets will surprise you, especially for high volume projects. Depending on your application, we can design and produce high-impact perfect bound booklets or books printed with your choice of offset or digital printer technology.

A good printer will produce a large quantity of high quality full color books, booklets and manuals. As a customer you can take advantage of the design and automated bookbinding services for elegant portfolio, catalog or annual report printing. These meet the highest standards of the full color commercial print industry. A full-service printing team can create a durable, high impact product for a surprisingly low cost.

How Much Do Printed Perfect Bound Booklets Cost?
As with most print jobs, the cost of perfect bound booklet printing varies with the size of the order. Typically a booklet has a soft cover and fewer pages than a book; so that reduces the average unit cost. In any case, the cost of perfect-style binding compares very favorably with that of sewn, saddle stitched or spiral binding.

Your total cost will depend on the number of pages, cover material and decorations. Books or booklets can have embossed covers, or add embellishments like embossing or glitter. Call your selected printer to discuss your design, specifications and quantities; and we’ll give you a prompt quote for the project.

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-Ella Patterson, Published author