Make Bathing Purposeful

Bathing serves a dual purpose, one for cleansing and also for therapeutic purposes. Bathing has become the fabulous lost ritual that deserves to be redefined in every woman’s life. Bathing has always been the divine power and a gift to be revered and respected.

Water is the most healing of all remedies and the best of all cosmetics. To treat water carelessly is to neglect an important part of your pampering process. Water is considered to be sacred in almost every culture. Royalty enjoys daily baths for hours at a time. Bathing is a ritual appearing in many cultures and is revealed in many sacred writings of India and the Middle East.

Baptism by water is sacred in many religions. In the 15th century Knights of the Bath were ceremoniously bathed for purity of the spirit. In Ancient Rome baths took almost six hours. Oils and balsams are used to make baths more alluring and inviting. The entire bathing ritual was an eight step process that concluded with oiling and perfuming the body with best fragrances affordable.

What you’ll need:
Grated ginger root, fresh mint leaves, cinnamon, champagne, your favorite appetizers, tangerine lavender chamomile tea, Epsom salt, baby oil, teaspoon of dry mustard, thyme, and lavender, pumice stone, candles, music and champagne.

Aphrodisiac Bath:
Turn your tub into foreplay; invite him to join you in a bath spiked with two to three tablespoons of grated ginger root, fresh mint leaves and cinnamon. For an added arousing effect, feast on champagne and your favorite appetizers.

At Home Salt Glow:
Prepare a grainy mixture of two cups of Epsom salt and one cup of baby oil. Set the mixture aside and soak in plain warm water from ten to fifteen minutes, then stand up and rub concoction onto legs, arms, belly, back and buttocks. Rinse in the shower, dry off skin and smooth on more baby oil.

After Sports Muscle Relaxer:
After a good work out to ease muscle spasms or tightness, spice warm tub with a teaspoon of dry mustard, thyme, and lavender.

Champagne Bath:
This is more erotic when bathing with your lover. Bring a chilled bottle of champagne to your hot tub or bath. As you bathe sip the champagne slowly. Be sure to finish the bottle in thirty to forty minutes. During this time dream up the most pampered things you’re going to do to your lover. Just talking and laughing adds to the pleasures of the champagne bath. Pouring small trickles down his back or on his chest while bathing is quite refreshing.

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