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This course is for those of you wanting to create nonfiction books – to successfully share their story and knowledge with the world. To successfully move forward and complete Ella Patterson’s WRITE YOUR BOOK: A Complete Online Writing Course you should register for all seven lessons.

I am happy to say that 25 years later I am glad I did not listen to those voices, and I am now a best-selling author of many published books and eBooks. Some of my books are printed in more than eight languages too.  Some of them much to my delight are even No. 1 best sellers. More importantly, I have discovered much joy and satisfaction in sharing my knowledge and story with others.

Steps to Create Your Dream Book 

I have used the same steps to repeatedly research, write, publish, promote, market and sell my books successfully to distributors, libraries, bookstores, Amazon, and all over the globe.  In this course, you will discover how to:  

  • Budget and how much your book may cost;
  • Explain the important reasons for writing a book (which will give you the confidence to not only start but finish);
  • How to overcome writers block;
  • Other options and income streams that you can leverage after you complete and release your book;
  • PDF’s you can print out;

Write Your Book

How to research, write, publish, promote, market and sell your non-fiction Book. Launch on Amazon and Learn How to Become a Best Seller on Kindle. If you have a story to tell (and I believe you do), or if you have some knowledge you want to share with the world, then this course will help you achieve your dream of launching your book with success. I look forward to seeing you in the course and being a part of your journey.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee /   This course includes …

Requirements: computer, pen and paper / notepad, a grasp of your language

Most people have the ability, some have the drive, but few have the ability combined with the organizational skills needed to pull it all together. Therefore, the most important requirement of writing is to create an easy system, one that will help you stay organized as you write your dream book. You need something like a – “map that could be your very own guide. Something like an ‘easy to do basic organizational plan. 

This guide will not only provide you with direction, it will promote drive and expose you to the abilities you did not think or know you had. Fret not, I have the answer. The Ella Patterson’s Write Your Book: A Complete Online Writing Course will guide and teach you everything you need to know. 

About The Author/Blogger
Ella, referred to as ‘Ms. Real’ by her fans is a blogger, product reviewer, travel writer and automotive test driver. She is an awesome educator, radio call-in talk show host, TV personality, published author and lecturer. Ella’ is known for giving wise advice about consumer products, human kind organizations and exhibiting good humor. For more than two decades, Ella has worked extensively spreading healthy messages about how to be smart, strong, sensible, sassy, seductive and sophisticated to women all over the world.

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