Become Friends with Your Body

In this phase you will learn how to enjoy your own body. Each person’s body is unique, and no matter what kind of body you have you are very special. Enjoy yourself as you discover you. Have pride in you, and your body. You will experience what makes you feel pampered.

What you’ll need:

Bath towel, scented candles, lotion or moisturizer. After a soothing bath take your towel and dry off very slowly. With every stroke of your towel blot yourself gently as if you are drying off a newborn baby.

Slowly massage your body with your favorite lotion, oil or moisturizer – trying not to miss any areas.

Applying by candlelight is very soothing and spiritual. Begin a friendship with your body. Know where every hump, bump and mole is on your body. Get to know your body! Once you’ve rubbed on any remaining lotion, pull your bed covers back and ease into your bed while naked.

Pampered is how you should feel. For a moment, think only good thoughts about the skin you are in. Enjoy the body you have been blessed with. In a short while you should fall asleep. Sweet dreams. Don’t forget to blow out candles.

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