Indulge In Me-Time Rituals

by Ella Patterson Many years ago, I wrote myself a note that read, ‘Indulge more in the things I enjoy.’ It was a personal mission that I find ways to enjoy my life, pamper myself and seek lifestyle pleasures that made me happy on a daily basis. My only objective was to experience fun waysContinue reading “Indulge In Me-Time Rituals”

Administer Pampering

by Ella Patterson, Author of Pampering Pleasures With Pampering Pleasures most any woman can feel good about herself. It’s rare to find a blog such as this one – one that provides quality advice on how to administer pampering and wonderful stress-free indulgences. Each of these blogs will help you recapture the joy of life’s simpleContinue reading “Administer Pampering”

Indulge In Pampering

For more than a half century, Ella Patterson’s signature blend of comfort, style and sensuality has been a source of inspiration in homes across the globe. Again, in homes across America Ella will share secrets that help create sensual atmospheres, luxurious spaces, refreshing moments  that are as beautiful as they are practical and as distinctiveContinue reading “Indulge In Pampering”