Moisturize Daily

Body treatments are offered everywhere, from chair massages in grocery stores to full-day pampering at luxury spas. You should do a moisturizer treat each night before falling asleep. Start by telling everyone that you would like some privacy and relaxation, then go to your room and start your body therapy.

What you’ll need:
Music, moisturizer, scented candle, bathtub, and a fluffy bath towel.

Run a warm bath and add a spritz of your favorite bath oil, cologne, or fragrance. While your water is filling in the tub, rub your body down with your favorite before-bath moisturizer and scan Pampering Pleasures.

Play your favorite music. Next, unwind and let your senses lock in. Light a small scented candle, turn the lights off and ease into your freshly filled tub of water. Allow the water to envelope your awaiting body. Relax completely; this includes physically and mentally. Let the light from the candle dance in your mind as it flickers you into an intensely mellow mood.

Guide your mood toward relaxation. Enhance your senses as you think of nothing but relaxation and sensual pleasures. Allow your quiet surroundings to swallow you up as the scents entice you. Let the mood romance your desires as you humble your soul to the pleasures of it all.

Now, pull a hand full of water toward you and feel the water as it trickles down your chest, between your breast and across your neck. Ummmm that should feel soooo good.

Close your eyes now and listen to the music playing softly as you gather your senses and adore the peacefulness that surrounds you. Discover the smoothness of the water as the ripples of water disappear. Get lost in your thoughts and when you begin to feel drowsy, remove your new self from your tub. Pat yourself dry with a fluffy towel, lightly moisturize again, get in bed and drift off to sleep.

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