Pampering Pleasures

by Ella Patterson, Published Author

I can remember when I got the idea to write this blog. I needed information that focused on pampering pleasures  for women more than beauty and cosmetics products.   It’s simple, women want to be pampered.  So, with that said, here it is… the best pampering blog in the world.  Enjoy!
Pampering is the perfect example of a woman’s desire to bring self-love to the forefront. Self-pampering is stimulating, soothing, and rewarding. For many it has proven to be the do-it-yourself way for relaxation and self-care.
During many of my girl’s night outs workshops I am barraged with questions. How do I start? Where do I do it? How do I handle the children when I need some personal time to myself? How do I get my lover to pamper me more in the ways that I like to be pampered without hurting his feelings? And how do I give more pampering pleasures to the people I care about?
Women want and need a guide to help them successfully navigate the unsure waters of self-love, self-care and self-pampering. We have been conditioned to think that self-love is selfish, but isn’t it just as important as self-care? I believe it is. The need to love and care for yourself is a major necessity for any woman who wants to live a successfully happy and long life. Pampering is one of the best form of female maintenance.
Here, in this blog are activities that women can perform to bring comfort to their minds, bodies and spirits. Offered are some of the most basic pampering pleasures that will help you leave the world behind.
This is a practical blog filled with specific pampering techniques. I was the guinea pig. I refined my craft and sharpened my knowledge so that I could communicate everything to you. I’m sharing many personal experiences in these pages and letting you know every pampering technique I’ve tried. It’s not just my story, but also the story of many of my clients with more than a hundred spa techniques.
I hope this blog will help you discover the ‘you’ who you’ve always wanted to be and help you understand the importance of creating your own pampering pleasures. It is a girlfriend’s blog so it carries a very special message for women who want and need to be pampered. It will make a valuable difference in your life.

“When I am pampered every experience of my life is somehow new again.
My senses are more acute than ever before.
I find pleasure in the smallest tasks,
No matter how routine life is.
There is a place of healing inside me now;
where I feel as if I’m standing on top of the world.
I feel completely sure of myself.
I finally can say I love me again.
I am now feeling the flow of the currents
and I realize I am not moving against them.
I stand in the center of my own life,
ready to move in a direction that is fitting,
fulfilling and functional.
I am now a pampered woman.”
– Ella Patterson

“May this blog bring much needed love and pampering to your lifestyle.”

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