Create Ambience at Home

Creating Ambience in Your Home
Remember … creating your special place – a place of comfort and serenity – one that is personal and has everything you love is what makes your home reflect your taste.

Lighting: To set a relaxing and comforting mood, pay special attention to the lighting. Install a dimmer switch or place a small lamp in a corner. The shimmer and glitter of small bulbs from a chandelier can create a special atmosphere.

Candles: It’s wonderful to set the mood for a romantic evening or decadent bath with flickering candles arranged on tables. In the bathroom place candles around the tub, on the counters, or even in cans on the floor. If you use scented candles, be sure not to mix too many fragrances. Find one you like and concentrate on one scent.
Bubble Baths: Have luxurious bubble bath or bath oil ready to pour into your water. The bubbles will look and feel fun, the oil will make your skin soft, and you’ll feel so good you may never want to get out!

Towels: Be sure to invest in some wonderful, thirsty, thick, and large towels. When you get out, you’ll be able to wrap yourself and hold the warmth inside. Invest in a luxurious terry or satin bathrobe to snuggle inside.

Lounge Chair: If your bathroom is large enough, consider putting a lounge chair, bench, or comfortable chair in the room. You’ll be able to get out of the tub and not have to go to another room to sit down until you’re ready.
To be honest a man doesn’t really know a woman until he’s seen her home. From the sofa to the rugs on the floor, each makes its own statement about who the woman is.
Your pampered happy home is your own and you’ll want to cherish it and the things you bring into it.

Creating your pampered home is as easy as using your five senses: seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting.


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